Wagnney Fabiano Signs With WEC


Fronted by Chris Nelson

The next IFL chip has fallen, and in this case it is IFL Featherweight Champion Wagnney Fabiano to the WEC, according to Brazilian website Tatame:

Considered one of the best lightweight fighters of the world, the IFL champion Wagnney Fabiano signed with WEC, to fight in bantamweight division.

. . .

"Faber is the best of the world now. To beat him, I think you have to be in a good shape. He’s an expert fighter and he has a good gas, it’s complicated to beat a guy like him. You have to set a good game plan and be calm and watch the elbows, because if you hits you can chane a whole fight", said the Nova União athlete

While the WEC will need a fight or two to introduce Wagnney to their audience, a Faber/Fabiano fight would be yet another quality matchup for Faber, which is one of the keys to increasing the WEC's exposure. Competitive matchups involving Faber and Torres are catnip to hardcore fans and provide incredible excitement to the casuals.

Over the past year, the WEC has done a fantastic job aggregating the top featherweight and bantamweight talent. When the WEC middleweight and light heavyweight divisions move over to the UFC and free up more room on the WEC cards, the WEC may be able to develop the same level of dominance in the featherweight and bantamweight divisions that the UFC has achieved in the welterweight and light heavyweight divisions. Shooto is WEC's primary competition at featherweight and bantamweight, with a similar level of talent in the two divisions. None of the major organizations competing with Zuffa have featherweight or bantamweight divisions of note.

If Faber and Torres can take the WEC to the next level, the WEC may be able to afford payouts to challenge the advantages Shooto fighters receive by staying in Japan. One wonders though, even if they could, would the WEC want to fill up their divisions with so many Japanese fighters?

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