The Most Interesting Fights at UFC 88:

1) Liddell vs. Evans

Chuck Liddell has excellent wrestling. We have all seen glimpses of that in his fights against Wand & Couture, but Rashad is a different style wrestler than Couture.  This will be a very interesting fight because in order for Liddell to win, he needs to be able to stuff the excellent shot of Evans.  I don't think he will be able to do it. Also, this fight is such an interesting fight because the winner should receive the title shot. Whoever wins, Forrest is in some SERIOUS trouble.  I believe that either of these two fighters will beat Griffin.  I can't say that about anybody else in the LHW division.

2) Hendo vs. Palhares

So aptly named: UFC 88 "Breakthrough".  That is exactly what Palhares is gonna do... He's gonna breakthrough to a title shot with Silva. Maybe not the next fight but soon.  After Silva destroys Cote (I love Cote) the fans are gonna get sick of the nonsense and demand he fight someone who can beat him. That someone is Palhares.  First he has to get by hendo. This will prove to be a very good fight.  It won't be easy for Palhares, but he will get it done.

The Least Exciting Fights at UFC 88:

1) Franklin vs. Hamill

WHO CARES! Here's how this one goes down: They come out and touch gloves. Hamil takes him down, and Franklin survives. This will happen for three rounds and Hamil will win by decision.  We can only hope that Hamil chooses to stand with Franklin -- the fight might be over sooner. On a good note: I'm glad to see Franklin at 205. He has a better chance in this division.

2) Parisyan vs. Yoshida

I used to be such a huge fan of Parisyan but this fight shows just how far he has slipped in the rankings (Yoshida has beaten up Koppenhaver, so what).  If Yoshida beats Karo, and he definetely can, it's the freezer for The Heat. btw... Yoshida has a good resume and is a veteran of the sport, the problem is, the fans know him as a guy who beat up Koppenhaver.  This will be an exciting fight, just not too interesting. Their differing styles will cancel each other out and we'll be able to see another Karo style brawl.


\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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