Jim Ross Weigh's In On UFC 86

Jim Ross of WWE fame has a blog up in which he shares his thoughts on UFC 86.  You can catch the entire blog at Jim Ross's Blog...check it:

Ross on the Forrest Griffin vs. Quinton Jackson matchup…

"Griffin’s win via decision did not surprise me once I saw the fight but I certainly thought that the Memphis native, Jackson, would win the contest going in. Jackson is a long time fan of Jerry Lawler and even seemed to channel the late Junkyard Dog with Jackson’s howling and his wearing of a dog chain a la JYD way back in the day. Griffin’s kicks were startlingly effective and had to impress the judges along with Griffin’s constant, aggressive nature. A re-match is naturally a guaranteed deal."

Ross on Josh Koscheck…

"Josh Koscheck should learn to utilize the fact that, seemingly, most fans don’t like him for whatever reason and go with it. Fans pay big money to watch people get their asses whipped, just ask the WWE’s Edge, and a great antagonist is money in the bank for any promoter. Nice to hear "Ironman" used as  entrance music for one entrance during the show as it took me back to the Road Warrior days."

Ross appears to be a big Tyson Griffin fan…

"Young Tyson Griffin seems to be on his way to stardom as the UFC seems to have another future box office fighter evolving."

On the commentary and post-fight interviews…

"Joe Rogan is an excellent announcer and I hope the people making the decisions at the UFC know how valuable Rogan is to the UFC viewers. I am not overly unbiased as you would assume especially considering my on air role, but often times the announcing of specific events are overlooked or taken for granted. On the production side of things, the UFC could use a 3rd voice, and this person doesn’t’ have to be seen, to read the sponsor billboards and other such info to enhance the overall production values. This is no big deal but might make the presentation slicker. PXP talent Mike Goldberg is informed and prepared which yours truly certainly respects. Goldberg was once give the opportunity to sit in the PXP chair on Monday Night  Raw. Some of the post match interviews come off as bush league with the fighters simply wanting to plug their sponsors and they are not as smooth at it as NASCAR drivers. I would rather, as a fan, hear more about the just completed fight than someone’s new website or clothing line or where every one is going to go to drink after the show."

On the colorful metaphors that Griffin utilized in his post-fight interview…

"For the UFC to be accepted more universally, language used by Griffin needs to be addressed as it doesn’t’ send out a classy message to a mass audience even though young males may think it was cool. I mean to take nothing away from Forrest Griffin who is one tough son of a gun and is a guy that I will pay to watch fight again but coarse language won’t attract big time sponsors or enhance the building of a brand that is one of the most exciting new sports in the world."

On Bruce Buffer…

"Another guy that might want to consider a Sanka is right announcer Bruce Buffer who seems to be a little over dramatic at times. I know that I couldn’t do Buffer’s job and I do like the fact that the younger Buffer is a Texas Hold ‘Em aficionado."

I couldn't agree more in terms of what he had to say about Kosheck.  I for one used to be a huge wrestling fan, and I don't understand why more MMA guys don't embrace the heel role.  That's what made Tito Ortiz so either wanted to watch the guy beat somebody's ass...or you wanted to watch him get his ass beat.  The bottom line is you were watching him fight.  That what seperates the superstar's from the rest of the want to see them fight.  I also think this role would help Rampage.  It seems that since he KO'ed every casual fan's favorite either hate him or love him.  If he were to embrace the heel role, he would be 5X the superstar that he already is.  I mean look at what it has done for Floyd Mayweather Jr.

I also agree with what he said in terms of Forrest Griffin's choice of words.  I know he just fought his heart out for 25 minutes and ate multiple Tiger Uppercuts from Rampage, but he must remember that millions of people are watching.  This isn't the first time he's used this type of language either(Jardine/Griffin at UFC 66).

It was also cool for him to speak on the production side of things as well as the post-fight interviews.  Very good read...props to Mr. Ross.


Props to

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