Phil Baroni: On Sherdog Quote

Sherdog posted an article stating quotes from fighter's after the Griffin/Jackson battle at UFC 86.  Basically the article is a bunch of quotes in which the fighter's supposedly state who they thought won the fight.

Phil Baroni (Pictures): I don’t know how two judges gave Forrest that first round, man. That’s some bulls—. I thought Rampage clearly won the fight. That first round could have been 10-8 for Rampage!

However, Phil Baroni himself responded via the underground forum:

First off I never gave my opinion on the fight being scored wrong to anyone esp a reporter from Sherdog. I never spoke to any media about my opinion the fight. I think its bullshit that Sherdog quoted me. First off I think the fight was a great one. Second I feel the decision was a fair one. I think Forrest is an inspiration and fought his heart out. His career is an inspiration and story book. He did a great job fought like a true champion against Rampage and his entire career. He deserves to be UFC champion and I take my hat off to him.

On the other hand Rampage fought his heart out as well an will be back, He has come back from alot worse an himself is a great fighter an inspiration. I think the fight was a great battle of wills. Both guys gave it there all and Im proud to be friends with both of them.

Thats my opinion on Forrest Griffon and Rampage Jackson. Im in England now and just wanted to address this stupid article on Sherdog. Again I never made those comments and am proud of both fighters and there efforts. I hope to fight with as much heart an courage this weekend in England.

Uh oh...someone has some explaining to do and if Baroni's speaking the truth...that doesn't bode well on behalf of Sherdog and is pretty shitty in my opinion.  I goto Sherdog to check on different sources of information in the MMA world.  Hopefully this will be clarified one way or another.


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