Is UFC marketing Rampage Jackson enough?

Today, Michael Rome talked about the possibility of UFC considering Griffin vs Jackson II. There were some interesting comments on his posts. One of them inquiring on why UFC has not effectively marketed Rampage enough.

I am not sure whether to say if UFC is marketing Rampage enough. I am not even sure to say if they should market him more aggressively.

Coming into the fight with Forrest Griffin, Rampage only had one title defense, and that was against Dan Henderson. I would think that UFC would aggressively promote him after he gets a few successful title defenses. Rampage even said it's smart for the UFC to be careful marketing him because the UFC does not want to fall into a dilemma where invest a ton of money into him and build him as the MMA coming of Muhammad Ali only to get defeated in real soon after winning the belt.

A lot of people don't think Rampage's loss to Griffin effected his credibility to the point where he is not one of the top light heavyweights in MMA. I do think it kind of took a little momentum away from him, considering he was a huge favorite to to win coming into the fight.

Rampage does have the talent and charisma to be the best and most popular athlete in Mixed Martial Arts today. His personalty and fighting style are the reason Dana White acquired assets of the now defunct World Fighting Alliance. He needs a few more wins.

UFC been the MMA jaugernaut for quite sometime, and has been criticize by fans and other MMA organizations for not marketing their fighters enough.

I do think UFC is taking the right, but slow approach in promoting their fighters better than other MMA organizations. Look at what is happening to Elite XC. They promoted Kimbo and Gina Carano as the face of MMA to a point where it is coming to bite them in the ass. They are now relying on them carry the company. The problem is Kimbo is not really a true mixed martial artist and would get beat by top 20 fighters in the UFC. And, Carano is very unreliable because of her failure to make weight at her previous two fights and has come to a point where Gary Shaw has to  tamper the weight scales.

It's understandable why UFC is taking this approach marketing Jackson. However, they could capitilize on Jackson being African American. I would like to see UFC use his charisma and exciting fighting style to attract another demographic, which includes African Americans, toward their brand and mixed martial arts in general. Just like the UFC targeted their marketing of Brock Lesnar towards wrestling fans, by using WWE, TNA, and other Wrestling sites, UFC could plug some ads on BET and other urban websites to target more African Americans when promoting Rampage Jackson fights.


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