EliteXC CBS Saturday Night Fights "Unfinished Business" Results and Recap

20080726113011_big_redo_mediumCristiane Santos def. Shayne Baszler by TKO (Punches) at 2:48 of round 2

Showing all the tools that has made the vaunted Chute Box Academy famous, Cris "Cyborg" Santos outstruck and overwhelmed Josh Barnett protege Shayna Baszler.  Baszler kept in close in the opening frame, taking the fight to the ground and attempting a toe hold.  The wife of Evangelista Santos used her strength advantage to neutralize the submission attempt and return the fight to the standing position where she controlled the fight.

Round two built on Santos' standup advantage that began at the end of round 1.  Looking like a female version of Wanderlei Silva, she knocked down Baszler against the fence and looked to have won the fight.  Referee Steve Mazzagatti didn't agree and commanded the Brazilian to leave her cage-side perch and continue fighting.  After wading through translation issues, the fight restarted where Santos ended the fight in a similar fashion to the first knockdown.

Jake Shields def. Nick Thompson by Submission (Guillotine Choke) 1:03 of round 1

Jake Shields made short work of Zuba-wearing law student Nick "the Goat" Thompson ending the contest by modified guillotine choke.  Shields took the fight to the ground early and established mount immediately.  Thompson initially defended well, bucking Shields and using the cage to help shake the San Francisco native.

The end came when Thompson failed to complete a mount sweep, allowing Shields the opportunity to sink in his choke.  Showing off his recently acquired Cesar Gracie black belt, Shields didn't have the guillotine completely locked, needing to modifying the hold by using the side of his body to trap Thompson's neck.  The win gives Shields his long sought after EXC Welterweight Title.cx

Nick Diaz def. Thomas Denny by TKO (Punches) at 0:30 of round 2

Stockton native Nick Diaz overcame a slow start to unload a barrage of violence upon veteran Thomas Denny.  The night looked like a continuation of Diaz's recent streak of underwhelming performances showcasing incredibly poor defense on the feet.  Denny penetrated through Diaz's fists, landing essentially at will.  Diaz's wrestling deficiencies came into play as Denny stuffed an early takedown attempt.  However, midway through the first period, Diaz hit a switch while Denny hit a wall. 

Diaz's strikes looked to have more power in the past, snapping Denny's head back time and time again.  Denny's legs began to fail him as the punishment added up and the gas tank hit "E."  The round ended with Diaz landing a very effective combination that rocked his opponent.

The local kid didn't let the fight last much longer after the bell sounded round 2.  Continuing where he left off at the end of round 1, Diaz hands found the mark on Denny's face.  After knocking Denny down, Diaz showed improved ground-and-pound before referee Josh Rosenthal stepped in to stop the bout.

Robbie Lawler defeats Scott Smith by TKO (Kicks and Punches) at 2:35 of round 2

It took almost 2 months to finish what they started, but Robbie Lawler and Scott Smith capped off the 3 rounds they put in on May 31st with another 2 rounds of grueling, pounding action.  After a slow feeling out period, the fight picked up with each fighter throwing multiple power shots.  Lawler started to take control with dirty boxing and legs kicks to the body.  "Hands of Steel" fought back closing out the round with a strong flurry.

Round 2 was prototypical Lawler.  He softened up Smith, landing brutal shots to the body from the clinch.  He added to the punishment with patient, crisp elbows.  The end came when Lawler grabbed a hold of the Thai plum.  He temporarily dropped Smith with devastating knees to the body.  After returning to his feet, the beginning of the end came with a picturing perfect knee to the head.  Smith turtled up, and after some more punishment, referee Herb Dean stepped in giving Lawler a successful title defense.

Quick thoughts

-The lack of dancers is a huge plus.

-Cyborg/Baszler should be a good step forward for female MMA.

-We saw a solid night of fights, but was the country watching?

-The booth sounded like it had a good rhythm and flow.

-Wish we could have seen the Antonio Silva fight on network TV.

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