EliteXC "Unfinished Business" LIVE Results and Updates


I am at my seat in Stockton, California, and I'm ready to bring everyone live results of this show.  Feel free to join in in the comments, I don't know anyone here and need people to talk to!  It's hot as hell in Stockton, as usual, so I'm just happy to be inside right now.  Building is mostly empty at this point, but it's very early.

Note:  The internet quality here is not great.  It's going in and out, so if there are any delays, that's why!

The first fight is getting going, and it's Drew Montgomery vs. Brandon Tarn.

Drew Montgomery vs. Brandon Tarn:  

Round 1:  Tarn is going for the takedown hard, eats a knee, but gets him down.  He can't do any damage or pass.  Tarn lands a couple good shots now, it doesn't look like Montgomery has any ground game.  Tarn hits some decent body shots, and avoids a triangle.  Montgomery finally stands up and just unloads on Tarn with knees and punches, but he gets taken down again.  Tarn doesn't do much with it.  It's hard to see from here what's going on on the ground and they have no video feed.  Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 for Brandon Tarn.

Round 2:  This round starts out the same.  Montgomery hits a couple nice shots, but stupidly gets too close with a knee and gets taken down.  Tarn is doing enough to avoid being stood up, but not  by much.  Montgomery is cut now.  Ref stands it up.  Good left hook from Montgomery, and he comes too far in and gets taken down again.  Tarn is a one trick pony but Montgomery can't stop it.  Ref stands it up again, and the round ends.  Bloody Elbow Scores the round 10-9 for Brandon Tarn.

Note:  The building is about 30% full.  I can't believe how many fights there are tonight.  I shouldn't have drank so much last night.

Round 3:  Round starts with Tarn taking him down immediately, ugh.  Big John is here!  Ref stops it, crowd hates Tarn.  Tarn gets another takedown, but Montgomery sweeps out of guard and into mount!  He starts unloading a ton of punches and gets the back for a choke...but he loses it!  Tarn now back on top, but the ref stands them up for blood reasons because Tarn is now bleeding like a madman.  Now they are reset again mid-ring with Tarn still on top.  Montgomery needs to get out or he's gonna lose the fight.  And all of a sudden...it's over.  The fight has been stopped due to blood stoppage!  Drew Montgomery wins via blood stoppage at 4:22 of the third round.

That fight was awful for 2 rounds, but that third round really turned it around.  Montgomery got real lucky, he would have won the round 10-9 and lost the fight. 

Carl Seumantafa vs. Mike Cook:  I am definitely referring to him as "Carl" for this play by play.

Round 1:  Carl gets an early takedown, but gets swept immediately.  They fight to their feet, and Mike Cook tries to suplex him, but he can't get him up, and Carl falls straight onto Cook's sternum, knocking the wind out of him!  Carl follows up with some bad looking shots on the ground to finish it.  Carl Seumentafa wins via TKO at 3:39 of the first round.

The Showtime show is starting real soon.  Building seems about 70% full.  I might fall asleep at the press table with all the delays.  Seriously, the lack of free food is a true tragedy.  I bought a shitty Southwest Chicken wrap and it cost $8.50!

Bryan Caraway vs. Wilson Reis:

Round 1:  I'm really looking forward to seeing Reis work.  Very good punches from Caraway early.  Reis gets him down, which is bad news from Carawat.  Reis passes to half guard, and now to side mount, but gives up position to do some damage.  Reis gets mount, but Caraway escapes.  Very impressive!  Caraway is clearly better standing.  Reis gets another takedown, and works his pass game again...and gets nount.  He rains down some punches, and takes Caraway's back, but Caraway bucks him off!  Caraway hits some nice shots, but Reis gets him down again as the round ends.  Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 for Wilson Reis.

Round 2:  Reis gets a takedown immediately, but Caraway scrambles up and nails him with a knee!  He flurries, but Reis survives and gets a takedown.  Wow, this is real good.  Reis passes to side mount, but Caraway works back to guard.  Reis passes to the side again, his passing game is great.  Dumbass crowd is booing.  Caraway scrambles up, and stops a takedown, ending up on top this time.  Reis pulls off an incredible sweep to the top, and ends the round with a nice knee.  Very close, but Bloody Elbow scores the bout 10-9 for Bryan Caraway.

Round 3:  This fight is actually excellent so far.  Caraway rocks him a bit early, but Reis survives again and gets a takedown.  Reis moves to mount, but Caraway sweeps!  We're back standing, and Reis gets him down again.  Reis cannot hold position, and tries a diving punch which costs him top position.  The round ends, and man, that was close.  Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 for Wilson Reis.

Bloody Elbow Score:  29-28 for Wilson Reis.

Official Score:  30-27 for Wilson Reis (unanimous).

Rafael Feijao vs. Travais Galbraith:  The place is probably like 85% full.  God, the dude next to me is the most annoying tool.

Round 1:  I think this may go quickly.  They clinch quickly, and Galbraith is throwing some knees.  Feijao eventually gets the thai clinch and unloads, and man, he beat him up bad.  Galbraith tried to hang in there, but Feijao was too much.  Good showing, but he did not come across as an elite 205 guy, even with the dominating win.  Rafael Feijao wins via TKO at 3:01 of the first round.

Antonio Silva vs. Justin Eiliers:  Yes, this is actually a title fight.  Silva had a decent reaction but not a star reaction.

Round 1:  Jesus, Antonio Silva has a gigantic head.  Even bigger than you can imagine.  Silva wins the early exchanges, but Eilers at least looks competent.  Good left hook from Eilers, and another.  Silva gets way in there with a takedown and takes Eilers' back.  Silva just loses a point for the back of the head.  Eilers is doing a good job surviving, but it seems like a matter of time.  I will say that he has better punches than Silva.  Eilers is actually landing some shots here.  If he can land a good shot he can steal the round, but he doesn't, so Bloody Elbow scores the round a 9-9 draw.  Eilers has to be confident after that round.  He hung in there and survived, and Silva does not have the best cardio usually.

Round 2:  After all that I look like a jackass, because Silva just mauled him to win early in the second round.  Antonio Silva wins via TKO at (?) of the second round.  This is a big night for the Brazilians so far.  They hand Silva the meaningless belt.

We're waiting for the show to start now.  They name a bunch of fighters in the arena:  Phil Baroni (mild boos), Frank Shamrock (decent cheers), Kimbo Slice (loud and mixed), Gina Carano (loud cheers).  Kimbo is going to be a very controversial figure from now on after his last showing.

There are all sorts of internet problems right now.  Poor Dave can't even get on.

This show is definitely not sold out.  90% with comps.  

You know, I was bashing LA and the Affliction people last week, but that crowd was pure class compared to this one.

Alright, we're starting.  Pretty cool entrance video.  I should say that I do not see the Shaws here, which means Adam Swift was completely on the money when he got that scoop a little while ago.

Cristiane Cyborg vs. Shayna Baszler:  Great choice to start the show with the women.  I think it'll get eyes on the show immediately.  Gina gets a gigantic pop.  Hey!~  Tara Larosa is now sitting next to me.

Round 1:  Cyborg comes out aggressive, and Shayna gets her down.  Cyborg avoids the leglock.  These 3 minute rounds are ridiculous.  Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 Baszler for the leglock, but it was very close.

Round 2:  Cyborh comes out strong with strikes in the clinch, and Baszler can't get her down.  Cyborg knocks Baszler down, and she celebrates like she won, but it's not over!!!!  She comes back and gets back to work, but the break is not enough for Shayna, she is still hurt, and Cyborg finishes her.  WOW.  Crowd chants for Gina.  That's money.  Cyborg wina via KO at 2:48 of the second round.  

God that is going to be an easy fight to sell.  Crazy woman with huge arms called "Cyborg" vs. Gina Carano.  By the way, I think Gina will beat the crap out of her.  She won by overwhelming Shayna, but her technical striking was not much.  She really did come off like a female Wanderlei Silva.

Nick Thompson vs. Jake Shields:

Round 1:  Josh Barnett is in Shelds' corner.  Body kick from Shields early, and wow he is already in mount.  WOW.  Shields gets a guillotine, and it's over.  Jake Shields wins via submission at of the first round.  Dominating performance, and it has to be very disappointing for Nick Thompson.    Jake Shields is the champion now.

God the internet sucks here.

Thomas Denny vs. Nick Diaz:  Crowd loves Nick Diaz.  It's hard to describe how perfect it is that Nick Diaz is from Stockton.  Big star reaction, not like Urijah Faber, but VERY big.  The biggest pop of Diaz's career, for sure.  If Diaz knocks him out they have a gigantic star.

Round 1:  Denny hangs in there early.  He lands some shots, and Nick asks him if that's all he's got.  Nick goes for a kimura and then an armbar, but Denny escapes.  Nick is landing good shots, but Denny is hanging tough. Denny lands a bunch of shots, but Nick Diaz flurries at the end.  Closer round than you'd think, but Diaz won it.  Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 for Diaz.

Round 2:  Nick Diaz comes out right away swinging, and knocks him out very quickly.  Nick Diaz came off like a total superstar on this show.  The crowd is going batshit insane.  Diaz does not look like he can beat any high end fighters at that weight, but he was good enough tonight.  Diaz wins via KO at 0:30 of the second round.

This show is awesome so far.

Robbie Lawler vs. Scott Smith:  

Round 1:  Scott Smith is local and a big crowd favorite.  A great slugfest would make this an amazing show.  I guess a big question is whether Smith is healthy.  Lots of circling early, feeling out process.  Real good exchanges standing, but nothing really landing.  Both men trying to land out of the clinch.  Lawler with some good combinations, but Smith starts landing some serious shots as the round ends.  Really good round, gotta give it to Smith for his shots at the end, but it was very close.  Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 for Scott Smith.  Excellent round, booing retards can piss off.

Round 2:  Just an amazing start.  Lawler with a superman punch combo, but Smith responds with great shots and then elbows.  I think he cut Lawler.  Lawler winning in the clinch.  Lawler destroys him with knees out of the clinch, Smith tries to fight, but Lawler viciously puts him away.  Lawler wins and retains his Middleweight Championship via TKO at 2:35 of the second round.  This was good while it lasted, a little disappointing that it was so short.  Great win for Lawler, but I still think he'd get killed by Anderson Silva.

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