Why no MMA on TV lately???

Ok, I'm kidding!!


What a great time to be an mma fan. Just look at the recent shows:

UFC 84--great card

EXCBS--prime time network debut of live mma!

WEC--one of the best promotions has one of their best cards!

UFC 85--A doomed card, turns out to be pretty darn good.

Sengoku--Come on Cuban! How about getting some mma on HDNet?? Seriously, this would be great addition to a great network.

Dream-- 1, 2 and 3 were all pretty good shows and look great in HD.



And just look at what is upcoming:

EXC--Hawaii, mma, Nick Diaz and KJ Noons/Edwards. This should be a little more representative of what EXC on CBS could/should be. Saturday on Showtime.

Adrenaline--Jeff Monson, Alberto Crane and several other name fighters on HDNet, also Saturday Night.

Dream 4--Sorry no CroCop grappling display, but how about Jacare/Mayhem!?!? Round 2 of the middleweight grand prix live on HDNet, late Saturday/early Sunday.

TUF Finale--Free on Spike! Evan Tanner vs Kendall Grove, immensely important fight for both guys!

Iron Ring Finale--Ok, I watched the whole season, I may need help! As bad as it has been, they brought Trigg in to announce and constantly explain to his co-host, exactly what is happening. I watched the first half last week, and they actually had some halfway decent fights. Tuesday's ending looks promising as "Bullet" takes on "Dymond" Jones in the most anticipated fight of the season! (apologies in advance!)

UFC 86--Rampage takes on Forrest. "I got netted on national TV", bad blood for sure, lol. Seriously, this could be a pretty interesting fight.

Affliction--A card nobody wants to see. If by nobody, you mean everybody! I actually think Fedor/Sylvia is more interesting than Fedor/Randy. Plus, The Donald.

Strikeforce-Melendez/Thomson and some other nice fights. Live on HDNet!!


And of course, on the horizon:

Your monthly UFC ppv, UFN 15, Dana's big announcement, TUF: Mir/Nog, IFL returns with the Hex, WEC with 3 title fights, Dream 5, WVR lightweight gp with winner getting a shot at Gomi, more EXCBS, Randy's Return(????), and much, much more!

What a great time for great fights and we get to see exactly how the mma landscape will shape up. I think this may be the most important year in the development of mma as a sport. Who will win? Who will lose? What promotions will make it?


\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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