Promotional rundown

As the mma world expands, I thought it would be interesting for us to share our thoughts and feelings on the suitors for our time and money!


UFC-Ahh the king. There is no questioning the dominance of this promotion. A high percentage of the top fighters, the most exposure and in my estimation, the most fans. I expect them to stay the course, but the recent release of some unsuccessful fighters, leads me to believe they are streamlining their shows. I think this is an attempt to promote the most exciting, entertaining fights possible and keep us dishing out our ppv money.

EXC-Kind of a mess. They asked for attention, and got it, so now what? Do they have the talent to sustain long term interest in their product? They do have a few high level fighters, but imo, they do not have enough talent...on their own. They need to get busy with the co-promoting and give us some of the big fights we know are out there. Somehow, when i watch their cards, I feel dirty, lol. I think this has something to do with the dancing girls. Seriously, the girls have to go and big name fighters have to show up.

Dream-So far i love what I've seen and can't wait for more. I feel like I'm watching Pride again, and there is nothing wrong with that. I like having the alternative surface, in the ring, not that it is better than a cage, just different. I like the production and even the screaming lady. There is just something different about the style of fight you see, but I can't really put my finger on it. I just wonder, after the GPs, where will they go.

IFL-One of my favorite promotions this year. If you haven't been watching it live on HDNet, you are missing out. I would compare it to the WEC in quality and competition level. This is a more pure mma, without as much theatrics and flamboyance. Usually, the fights are very entertaining and they have some good up and coming guys. They have moved a little away from the strictly team concept and each show features title fights. i think they need to find a way to get more eyes on their product and do it ASAP.

WEC-I love watching the lighter weights and the energy they bring to a fight. I think Mir usually does a very good job of calling the fights and let's the audience know what is happening and what is coming. If I had a friend who was getting into mma, i would point them in the direction of the WEC. Good young fighters, exciting fights, straightforward production and announcers that lay a little knowledge on you. And it's free!

WVR-If I can't watch it on my TV, does it exist? Seriously, I want to see it on my TV!!


And what are your predictions for Affliction and Adrenaline? i think they better gang up with some of the usual suspects, or one day, we may be saying "remember that show that had Fedor and Sylvia?"


Please add some thoughts on these as well as others like King of the Cage, Spirit MC, Shooto, Cage Rage and all, as well as your local promotions, they need attention also.

For me my best regional show is Ring of Fire. It is very professionally done, brings in some veteran names, but focuses a lot on up and comers, like Mike Nichols, Shane Carwin, Luke Caudillo, Alvin Robinson, Eliot Marshall, Cowboy Cerrone and many more. They are shown on HDNet as well and are usually a very entertaining promotion.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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