Dr. Drama

Five Ounces of Pain  posted an email from the doctor responsible for stopping the Carano-Young fight and the Lawler-Smith fight.


Regarding Young, she said,

"When we saw Kaitlin in the cage, we were concerned about an orbital fracture. Both she and her corner were grateful that the fight was stopped and actually thanked us for stopping the fight. When she first returned to the dressing room, she said she wasn’t sure why the fight was stopped, but after looking in the mirror, she was glad we did. That is almost a quote verbatim. She said she was overwhelmed and that Carano definitely got the better of her on this occasion. I don’t read the blogs [Editor’s Note: Dr. Wulkan is referring to an alleged post by Kaitlin Young on, however, the post has yet to be verified as actually being authored by Young herself], but perhaps she was not well reviewed and this prompted the response you forwarded.

"We did not stop the fight because it looked ugly or because she was a woman, but because she had taken some major abuse, and because we were afraid she had a fracture. The risks of orbital fractures are well known to ringside physicians.

"Her response seems more like a vendetta for not being invited to the interviews . It’s a shame, because she presented herself very professionally both before and after the fight on fight night."


Kaitlin disputes this on :

 I did not, nor did my corner, thank them for stopping the fight. She is referring to me looking in the mirror and saying "oh, I see" as in thats why they didnt want my face on TV.

Regarding the Lawler-Smith stoppage, doc wrote,

As a follow up, Drago told me that Smith said he still was seeing double and triple 15-20 minutes after returning to the locker room. His corner was grateful we made the call we did. I want to know who told the press we didn’t pick up the foot injury at the time it happened. That’s just not precise reporting. I’m glad you cleared that up. I think it’s amazing that Smith himself, although initially disappointed, currently has no problem with the decision; he knows we’re professional and we have both their short term and long term interests at heart. At no time did we hear a complaint from Smith’s corner, so why are the blogs so insistent that an injustice was served? Besides, the rematch will prove to be a war, especially with two healthy fighters.



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