MMA Point Counter-Point: Drew Fickett and Mark Pavelich

We've posted a little bit about Drew Fickett briefly being on Friday's Strikeforce card as a last minute replacement of a replacement to face Luke Stewart. Fickett ultimately got scratched because he was under contract to fight Ryan Ford for the Maximum Fighting Championship welterweight title.

The whole thing was handled in a very professional manner by all parties involved. Exhibit A, here's a purported transcript of a voice message that MFC promoter Mark Pavelich left on Fickett's manager's voice mail upon hearing of the Strikeforce fight:

It’s Mark Pavelich calling from the Maximum Fighting Championship,

I’ve just received notice that Drew Fickett or you, I don’t care which one of you fuckers did it, has signed a contract to fight in Strikeforce this fucking weekend. I’m going to get on a fucking plane soon and go where you’re at and choke you the fuck out. I’m telling you right now, I’ve had enough of your fucking shit. First of all, I’ve sent you the fucking pictures and secondly, I placed Drew Fickett in a fight fucking months ago and five weeks prior to my main event of my fucking fight card. You’re going to give me a fucking call tomorrow or I swear I’ll get on a fucking plane and go right where you’re at right now. You’re pissing me off, I’ve been nothing but professional to you motherfuckers and you’re doing this kind of bullshit, alright? Call me back, I’m fucking pissed.

Fickett, naturally, was not shy about firing back via the Underground forum

Nobody wants to fight. Everybody is a skater now. Unlike the good old days when blood for blood was for the gallons. MfC promoter Mark Pavlich MARK PAVLICH MARK PAVLICH MARK PAVLICH MARK PAVLICH whatever his fucking name is called me last night threatening my life because I was going to fight on short notice at 185lbs in Strikeforce today an entire month before his mfc welterweight gold glittered diamond crested world championship of the whole universe. Now Scott Koker (who fucking rocks!) doesn't want to get involved and can't let me fight in his show. Thanks for being a complete fucking doosh bag Mark...thanks for threatening me and my friends and running me out 20,000$...pretty sweet for a blue collar fighter all about the fighters who is just trying to make some money for his unborn baby girl...but I'm the asshole! I'm always the asshole! Fuck you Big Brother. Fuck you corporate politics. And fuck you Jake Shields for being a punk ass bitch. Somebody run into me on the fucking Street...P-L-E-A-S-E. Here's to Victory Athletics and Team Scrub. Some Real Soldiers who aren't afraid to stand up in battle. Fuck all the affliction wearing poser's that don't even remotely know the direction to...the...."Skate...Park."Master

This audio interview on MMA Rated is a classic as well (the ranting about Jake Shields is classic too). Here's some highlights (and additional background from TKO Extreme):

Ariel Helwani asked Fickett for his thoughts on Ryan Ford and he said, “I think he’s a tough guy. I think he’s done a lot of steroids and is real big and strong but you know what? Steroids equal bad conditioning.

I know that for a fact, steroids equal bad conditioning. He looks like a tough strong guy but honestly, he’s got no heart and he’s a cheater. My boy Pete Spratt was all over him and suddenly he wants to cheat.”

For those of you unaware, Pete Spratt made his way to Alberta in February to face Ford and the bout was laced with controversy. Throughout the first round Ford received numerous warnings for grabbing the shorts (which were eventually torn to the waist band) and as the first round came to a close referee Herb Dean failed to separate the fighters and a defenceless Spratt took two unanswered shots to the face leaving him dazed on the canvas.

Pavelich responded on the Underground too:


You sign a two fight deal and it clearly states and even bolded that you can't fight 5 weeks prior to the dates of my show's and I'm the bad guy. No fucking way put it on yourself don't sign be the rebel be the guy who tells everyone to blow but don't put this on me, no way. I have never spoke to you in my life and be very clear, I yelled at your manager and was pissed. I have never spoken to you in my life. Come take the belt and stop making excuses. Good luck,

Mark Pavelich MFC President

The rest of the thread degenerates utterly as an apparently drunk Fickett rants and raves at Pavelich. Entertaining if somewhat sad. Apparently, Fickett has now been dropped from the MFC card, ending the story with a whimper, not a bang.

Coming on the heels of Fickett's on-again off-again fight with Jake Shields for the Elite XC title finally being cancelled for good, the controversy isn't good for anyone.

Fighters, if you sign a contract, be prepared to live up to the terms. Promoters, if a fighter attempts to break a contract with you, restrain yourself from leaving threatening voice mails.

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