Lyoto Machida: Defying The Critics

Josh Stein of MMAMemories has an article up speaking on Lyoto Machida and the likelyhood of him getting a title shot...even though all he does is win by decision.  I'm not exactly sure what point Josh is attempting to make.  Check it..

He’s a striker who hasn’t knocked out a UFC opponent. He talks at length about this striking style that doesn’t finish. He fights off of his back foot. He throws combinations almost as rarely as he moves forwards. He gets credit as being the top striker at 205, when there are a half dozen guys who have finished more fights standing up than he has

Since when did a fighter have to finish a fight to be declared a top striker?  I'm pretty sure a top striker is someone who throws punches, kicks, and knees...and lands them effectively and accurately.  Case in point the fightmetric stats for Machida/Ortiz...THAT is a top striker. 

However maliciously he might be used, though, it’s clear that the UFC likes him, and they’ve been giving him premium placement and the most substantial opponents that they are willing to let him bash by decision. It won’t be long until he gets a shot at the belt, and I think it’s fair to say that if he beats his next opponent decisively (even by decision) the UFC will see him billed as a top contender.

What’s really problematic is that none of the top guys in the division have the tools to beat Machida. All of them are going to try and do exactly what every other one of Machida’s opponents has done: chase him.

The fighter that chases Machida will loose every time, because of Machida’s counterstriking style. We saw it with Ortiz. We saw it with Heath. We saw it with Nakamura. 

The UFC already views him as a top contender, however, to say none of the top guys in the division have the tools to beat him is something I can't agree with.  Rampage, Wandy, Shogun, Griffin and even Rashad Evans would give Machida problems with his athleticism and wrestling ability.  Clearly, there is a huge difference between those fighter's and Nakumura, Heath, and Ortiz.

As painful as it may be for me to acknowledge the man who will kick your ass by decision as the next top contender for the championship when I would much rather see Thiago Silva, it’s inevitable. Thiago is hard to market. His style is exciting for me, but for the fans who like to see the fancy kicks and displays of karate-kid style combat, Machida is the easy pick with the highlight reel and the names on his hitlist.

Machida will get one more fight, probably against either Thiago or Wanderlei Silva, and as long as he keeps his record squeaky clean, he will be stepping in for a five round fight around the end of the year.

So what point are you trying to make?  Are you saying Machida is boring...yet has a good highlight reel because of his fancy kicks and penchant for making fighter's look foolish?  Why would you rather see Thiago Silva as the next top contender?  He hasn't fought or beaten anyone near the top ten and who I frankly believe is overrated at this point.  Once he beats some credible opponents I'll disgress.  I would like to see Machida/Wanderlei at this point.  Wandy's aggressiveness is something Machida has never faced and if he were to win that fight...he will have earned a shot at the title.

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