Bloody Elbow Staff Picks: TUF 7 Finale

Here's our picks for tomorrow's TUF 7 Finale on Spike TV. Note, after the bloodbath that was UFC 85, our fearless leader Luke Thomas has elected to "take some time to retool how I do my picks so they get better."

How bad were our picks for UFC 85? This bad:

Luke Thomas: 2/11 (Hughes, Davis, Marquardt, Vera, Tavares, Carneiro, Lambert, Liaudin, Sanchez)
Kid Nate: 5/11 (Hughes, Marquardt, Vera, Tavares, Carneiro, Lambert)
Brent Brookhouse: 4/11 (Hughes, Marquardt, Vera, Rivera, Tavares, Carneiro, Liaudin)
Michael Rome: 4/11 (Hughes, Davis, Marquardt, Vera, Tavares, Carneiro, Lambert)
Nick Thomas: 3/11 (Hughes, Day, Davis, Marquardt, Rivera, Tavares, Carneiro, Lambert)

Leaving our overall standings for the summer at:

Luke Thomas: 13/26 - 50%
Kid Nate:
21/30 - 70%
Brent Brookhouse: 16/30 - 53%
Michael Rome: 19/30 - 63%
Nick Thomas: 17/30 - 57%

Please note that I am the man!

Seriously, I think its pretty much pointless to try to pick fights. The whole point of MMA is because we don't know what's going to happen when two bad ass athletes get in a cage (or a ring) and contend with each other. Be that as it may, picks are fun and here are ours for tomorrow:

Evan Tanner Vs. Kendall Grove

  • Kid Nate: The infamous loser leave town match. Both of these guys have had their moments inside the cage but Grove's chin has been ruthlessly exposed in his last two fights. And Tanner's old. I'm going with Tanner over Grove based on a simple calculus: I love watching Tanner fight and have for a decade. I thought Grove acted like a punk on the reality show and I really enjoyed watching him get beat down last time.  Tanner by ground and pound in 1.
  • Mike Rome:  Gosh, I just think Tanner is over the hill.  Grove has been knocked out badly twice in a row, but I don't see Tanner having the power to do anything. Going to pick Grove via TKO, round 3.
  • Nick Thomas: I see a tough 3 round fight here, but I can't pick against Tanner. Tanner by last minute TKO.

Amir Sadollah Vs. C.B. Dollaway

  • Kid Nate: I have to think that C.B. will come in to this fight in better shape. Dollaway by lay and pray in 3.
  • Mike Rome:  I'm really stoked for this final.  I think both of these guys have star potential one day, especially Amir, who is the real cindarella story of the show coming in at 0-0 and beating 4 guys.  I think CB will take this though, because I expect him to come in to this fight in better shape, and Amir's takedown defense probably has not improved enough in 2 months to deal with him.  CB via decision in what I think should be an excellent fight, and the best final fight in many seasons.
  • Nick Thomas: Dollaway won't get caught this time. Dollaway by death?

Diego Sanchez Vs. Luigi Fioravanti

  • Kid Nate: I think Diego is way over-favored here. Luigi specializes in ugly clinch fights that make everyone look bad. I expect Diego to win but only if the old-school nightmare comes back and he's balls-out aggressive from bell to bell. And not stupid going straight for the takedown with no set-up like he was against Fitch either. Sanchez by UD.
  • Mike Rome: This is going to be a one sided slaughter.  Diego via TKO, round 1.  I'd like to see them put Diego in with Alves after this fight to determine the contender at 170.
  • Nick Thomas: I picked Fioravanti to upset Cummo and I'm going to do it again. Why? Because of American Top Team. Upset #1. Fioravanti by decision.

Spencer Fisher Vs. Jeremy Stephens

  • Kid Nate: Another fight that most are getting wrong. Stephens is big and strong and will take Fisher down and beat on him. Stephens by TKO.
  • Mike Rome: I'm a big Jeremy Stephens fan, he has tremendous heart, but I think Spencer Fisher will be too much standing for him.  Spencer Fisher via TKO, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Stephens pull it out.  Fisher via decision.
  • Nick Thomas: Supposedly this is going to be a stand up war. If it is... I'm picking Fisher by experience.

Matt Riddle Vs. Dante Rivera

  • Kid Nate: Now I'm paying for watching Iron Ring instead of TUF this season. I'm guessing Riddle.
  • Mike Rome: I like Riddle, and can't stand watching Rivera, but I think Rivera's experience will win out over Riddle.  Rivera via submission, round 2.
  • Nick Thomas:  Riddle by being bigger, stronger... going to be a close fight though. Riddle by TKO.

Undercard fights are in the extended entry.

Josh Burkman Vs. Dustin Hazelett

  • Kid Nate: This is a fight I'm really jonesed about. Hazelett shocked a lot of people by giving Koscheck such a stiff challenge and I expect him to do better against Burkman. Hazelett by submission following a beat down on the feet.
  • Mike Rome: I don't understand Hazelett as the underdog in this fight, Burkman is a low level gatekeeper at 170 now, and Hazelett has too many weapons.  Hazelett via submission, round 3.
  • Nick Thomas: I see Burkman keeping this standing up and grinding out a decision. Burkman by decision.

Marvin Eastman Vs. Drew McFedries

  • Kid Nate: Should be a nasty brawl, but that's what I said about Eastman vs Terry Martin too. McFedries by KO.
  • Mike Rome: Drew Mcfedries should rebound from the KO loss to Cote with a KO of his own here.  Eastman is no slouch, but I think Mcfedries has too much firepower.
  • Nick Thomas: McFedries is bigger and he'll be back with a vengence. Picking McFedries by TKO.

Matt Brown Vs. Matt Arroyo

  • Kid Nate: Uhh....Arroyo.
  • Mike Rome: Matt Brown looks and sounds like a killer, but he doesn't fight that way.  Arroyo via submission, round 1.
  • Nick Thomas: Rematch here. Brown TKO'd Arroyo in 2006. But I don't think it's going to happen again. Picking Arroyo by submission.

Jeremy Horn Vs. Dean Lister

  • Kid Nate: Its really too bad that Horn and Tanner are fighting on the same card and still not facing each other. In the old days Horn would've tooled Lister but that was then, this is now. Lister by submission.
  • Mike Rome: This is way too neat of a fight for the undercard.  Every time I see Horn I think I'm gonna see the old Jeremy Horn, but it never happens, and I've fallen for it enough times.  Dean Lister via submission, round 2.
  • Nick Thomas: Horn won their first fight and he's going to win their second one. I still can't believe this isn't going to be on the main card. Horn by decision.

Tim Credeur Vs. Cale Yarbrough

  • Kid Nate: Credeur by submission.
  • Mike Rome: This could end up being an exciting fight. Cale will want to stand, and if Credeur is smart, he'll get it to the ground as fast as he can. Credeur may have won himself a spot in the UFC with his performance and promo on the final TUF 7 episode, and  I expect him to solidify that spot with a win.  Credeur via submission, round 2.
  • Nick Thomas: Tim acutally did pretty good against CB. He'll win against Cale. Credeur by submission.

Rob Yundt Vs. Rob Kimmons

  • Kid Nate: No idea.
  • Mike Rome: This is Kimmons' big chance that he has waited years for, and if the nerves of the opportunity don't get him, I expect him to win this.  Kimmons via submission, round 1.
  • Nick Thomas: *flips a coin* Kimmons by decision.
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