Two Matches Added to Sengoku III

Jorge Masvidal (black trunks) vs. Ryan Healy
Jorge Masvidal v. Ryan Healy (picture courtesy of Sherdog)

The plethora of MMA action in June is not limited to the US, as DREAM and World Victory Road will be presenting shows on back-to-back Sundays. The first, Sengoku III, takes place next Sunday. Yesterday, two additional matches were added to the card according to Japan MMA.
Sengoku have announced 2 more fights for the event next week. This is a very special event for Sengoku, as it will be their first attempt at filling Saitama Superarena.

Today they have announced the opponent for Rodrigo Damm and also Sanae Kikuta will participate in this event. Their opponents will be Jorge Masvidal and Chris Rice, both very good fighters and these fights will be interesting. It also looks like Sengoku will go above the 8 fight barrier that both DREAM and Sengoku have been struggling with (I really think these events should have close to 10 fights, like DREAM 1 had)...

Rodrigo Damm v. Jorge Masvidal should be an exciting fight. I would point out that Damm is best known for his victory over Kultar "Black Mamba" Gill on the first episode of BODOGFight on ION, but come on, no one actually saw that. Masvidal, who once made his way as a street fighter, currently trains with American Top Team and is a contender in the Strikeforce lightweight division, with wins over Yves Edwards and Joe Lauzon.

Here is the updated card for Sengoku III:
Fights announced
Rodrigo Damm 7-1-0 vs. 13-2-0 Jorge Masvidal
Sanae Kikuta 26-6-3 vs. 12-5-0 Chris Rice

Previously announced
Hidehiko Yoshida 7-6-1 vs. 12-12-0 Maurice Smith
Kazuo Misaki 19-8-2 vs. 11-1-0 Logan Clark
Fabio Silva 9-4-0 vs. Kazuo Takahashi
Choi Mu Bae 7-2-0 vs. 3-2-0 Marcio Cruz
Kazuyuki Fujita 15-6-0 vs. 53-11-0 Travis Wiuff
Nick Thompson 35-9-1 vs. 9-3-0 Michael Costa

Duane Ludwig 16-8-0

Damm v. Masvidal certainly adds some excitement to a card that offers little to get excited about. Yoshida v. Smith offers a nostalgic flavor to the event, but it hardly matters in the grand scheme of things. Fujita v. Wiuff could be interesting with Wiuff coming off of his victory in the inaugural YAMMA tournament, but again, the stakes in this match seem limited. Kazuo Misaki's match against Logan Clark is somewhat intriguing, as Clark, a one-time UFC competitor, is coming off of a victory in the WEC over Scott Harper.

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