Where Should Elite XC Go From Here?

Let me start by saying...I have cooled off.  The Elite XC show, particularly the main event, got to me and it got to me badly.  As a fan of the sport I had honestly never thought that we'd see CBS broadcasting a major event and when it happened the result was a piling on of poor production, bad endings to fights, and shady looking goings-on which all seemed to protect their "chosen ones."  I personally am still not backing down from the thinking that there were certain elements of "fight fixing" that took place in New Jersey on Saturday night.

If I'm being honest, what happened wrecked me for the better part of a day.  But I went out yesterday, ate some good Greek food, drank a few beers, and came home to watch the Tivo'ed WEC event.  Nothing works to recharge your MMA batteries like two great title fights.

So I woke up this morning and thought "What fights would I have on my next CBS show?"  We know that they have a good bit of time to figure this out after the 7/26 show was canceled.  Which also means that fighters from this past show should be available to fight again by the time the next CBS show rolls around.

We all know that Gary Shaw is finding excuses to not challenge Kimbo to step up his competition as is evident in his post-fight interview with MMARated where Shaw was asked if Brett Rogers was a possible next opponent for Slice:

Brett is going to have to learn that it's about the money...You wanna build the character to a creshendo...tonight was the start of it...I don't think it's a fight I would do...I might do Rodgers against "Junior" Silva...You don't run me...I don't read blogs...I run a professional sports franchise.

As a side note...always nice to see the bully side of a promoter come out when challenged.

I personally wouldn't do Rogers/Kimbo right now anyway.  There is one fight and one fight only that makes sense for me and that is Kimbo Slice vs. James Thompson.  There is too much controversy surrounding the fight for them to not do a rematch to "clear the air."  Kimbo's power is now a big question mark for me.  He hit Thompson flush several times and James didn't drop.  If Kimbo's power punches can hit Thompson's glass jaw and not drop him like a sack of potatoes then I kind of wonder if the legendary Slice power is a bit of a myth.  The only way for Kimbo to regain his mystique is to rematch Thompson and dispose of him in "no doubt" fashion.  Rogers vs. Silva makes a lot of sense as if Rogers loses that fight he is in a perfect position to fight Kimbo (assuming he gets past Thompson) and if he wins then you have a big personality as the face of the heavyweight division.

Regardless of what happens, until they fight I would have Kimbo and Rogers fighting on the same show every time out.

Were I doing the matchmaking you'd see the following card for the next CBS show*:

- Robbie Lawler vs. Scott Smith for the EXC Middleweight Championship

- Brett Rogers vs. "Junior" Silva

- Kimbo Slice vs. James Thompson

- Gina Carano vs. TBD (at 145 lbs)

So lets hear it from you guys.  Lets do a little Monday Morning Fantasy Matchmaker.  What would you do for the next EXC on CBS card?  How would you remove the stink of this past Saturday?

*Disclaimer: the author of this article does not, and never has, ran Gary Shaw - Runner of Professional Sports Franchises.

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