Dream 3 Presser: FEG, ProElite Strengthen Ties


SportsNavi covered the pre-fight press conference for Dream 3, with the most interesting item being this little nugget of info (babelfish translated)

"DREAM. Preceding day press conference of 3 "(11 days occasion Saitama super arena) on the 10th, to be done at the hotel inside capital, as the special guest, PRO ELITE William Kelly highest execution patsy (COO) and others same company staff the Noboru platform. The Sasahara Keiichi event producer (EP) who similarly rises to on the platform, the mountain stream DREAM and K which Osamu EP directs - it announced that it keeps strengthening the cooperative relationship with 1.

As for the latest announcement Dynamite of 07 years! ! Those where furthermore it will strengthen the cooperative relationship with FEG which is built with USA, player interchange and event opening probably will keep doing together. As for concrete execution step still undecided, as for William COO, slice, the lobby roller, name of the player such as Shields was listed, the dream match actualization by the DREAM player and the ProElite player eagerly desired."

And now my translation of the translation. ProElite and K-1/FEG are looking to build on the relationship that started with the 2007 Dynamite card that took place at the Los Angeles Coliseum. They are discussing further Co-promotion opportunities and an exchange of talent with Jake Shields and Kimbo Slice as EliteXC fighters that would be desired for future Dream cards. ProElite Exec William Kelly was on hand to further comment on this development and to watch tomorrow's card. Current EliteXC fighters Eddie Alvarez and Nick Diaz will be prominently featured during Sunday morning's Dream 3 fight card.

If EliteXC is going to work with Dream, and the Dream fights are going to be aired on HDNet, it seem to make sense for Elite and Cuban's group to use this common relationship as a bridge to working together. Both companies are amassing rather large video libraries that could possibly have synergies when it comes to online, dvd, and other distribution channels. MMA Weekly has more.

Update [2008-5-10 12:20:59 by Nick Thomas]: Added more pictures after the jump.

FEG/Dream , ProElite Executives Discuss Partnership

Mitsuhiro Ishida, Caol Uno....named to the Main Event

Joachim Hansen, Eddie Alvarez (Pre-Fight Interview) named to the sub-Main

The Diaz-Inoue fight will be a welterweight title eliminator but will be fought slightly over the WW limit, due to Nick's late addition back onto the card. Inoue agreed to this modification.

Mayhem strikes his ninja pose (Photo courtesy of

Mayhem introduces the Japanese to the gold rope chain....











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