Rampage to Dolce: My Bad

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson does a blog over on for the newest season of TUF and he recently addressed comments by participant Mike Dolce that Rampage and the other coaches may have over-trained the fighters:

I read that Mike Dolce may have thought he was overtrained going into his fight. My bad on that. The thing about Mike Dolce being overtrained is that a lot of those guys came into the show training real hard because they were cast months in advance, and my dumb ass was not aware of that. My whole theory is to not to overtrain guys, just to have them do enough to be ready to fight. Mike Dolce said that he was at his breaking point, but I did not catch it or understand what he was talking about, so we kept pushing him. Had he been more specific or explicit in not wanting to go any further, I would have let up a lot. I made a lot of mistakes with him because I didn't have enough time to get to know him and what he'd respond to in training. I blame myself for that loss. Mike, if you readin' this, I'm sorry man. Pretty classy move of Rampage to not reflexively fall into a defensive posture and defend himself without taking Dolce's comments to heart.  I'm not sure if Dolce's fight would have gone differently even if Mike was fresh, but Quinton's stock just went up in my book.

Update [2008-4-28 4:32:47 by robnashville]: UFC welterweight and Dolce teammate Chris Wilson is impressed(from the Underground):

Page... If you or anyone you know is reading this...

I am truly impressed, as are many others, by the way you handled this. As Mike's teammate I wondered how this situation would unfold after watching the episode on tv. I am thankful to see such a sincere and selfless person in a profession dominated by image and pomposity. Clearly, you took a step back and told it like it was. No drama no excuses. You could've said whatever you wanted to or not said anything at all and everyone would've believed you over Dolce (everyone but his teammates), especially since it was pretty much edited out of the show, but you laid it out clearly and most important of all, honestly.

Big ups bro.

Chris Wilson

HT: Krondawg

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