YAMMA Live Results

Hell yeah, you read that right.  I'm here to provide your live results for the YAMMA PPV.  Because...well...because why the hell not?

Updates to start once the show starts.  F5 to refresh and get updates as they happen.

All tournament fights for the Quarter and Semi finals are one five minute round. The final round is three five minute rounds. The YAMMA slanted rise is 1 foot 8 inches if I heard correctly. Oh shit. Scott Farrell is announcing. With his horrible voice. This is brutal already. But Budweiser is sponsoring? That is surprising.

Quarter Finals - Sherman Pendergarst vs. Alexys Oleynik - Pendergarst is rushing forward and Oleynik seemed to trip over the lip of the YAMMA and fall down. Pendergarst is on top in half guard. They're stood up for lack of action with 3:30 left. Oleynik with a right hand and a few knees to the body and they go to the ground with Alexys (am I spelling that right?) on top. They're stood up again, AS Oleynik was landing punches from top position. As he was throwing punches he wasn't stopping as the ref went to stand them up and receives a warning. Big takedown from Oleynik. He's in half guard and works on a variation of a head and arm triangle. Pendergarst had no choice but to tap out. Horrible job by the ref. They're obviously going to rush standup's to try and push the "action first" mentality. But you can't stand fighters up as they're landing damage. At least the right guy won. Alexys Oleynik wins by submission

Quarter Finals -Tony Sylvester vs. Chris Tuscherer - They question if Sylvester's ponytail may get pulled...Blatnik quickly points out that it is illegal. Tuscherer says he hasn't been able to find any video of Sylvester. It took me all of 30 seconds to find 2 fights. They circle feeling out with jabs. Tuscherer charges in and Sylvester falls over the lip. They're resting in a clinch against the fence. Which of course is what the YAMMA is supposed to prevent. Chris is finally able to get the takedown. Tuscherer goes for a guillotine choke but Sylvester is able to pop out. Back to the feet, a solid knee lands to the body but the announcers think it wasn't effective. Chris with another takedown and Sylvester looks fairly gassed. It's been a lot of laying against the lip of the YAMMA with Tuscherer landing punches to the side of Sylvester's head. I've got to think Tuscherer gets the decision here but looks fairly tired. Chris Tuscherer wins by decision.

June 21 YAMMA Middleweight Championship Tournament , a female superfight and a masters division superfight. Why do I get the feeling that show will never see the air?

Quarter Finals - Marcelo Pereira vs. Travis Wiuff - Wiuff throws some good right hands and follows the second with a takedown. Pereira is working his legs up high from the bottom. Wiuff is gringind away from the top. Pereira is looking for an armbar so Travis adjusts. Wiuff isn't doing much damage but just being on top might be enough. With 1:45 left they are stood back up. Wiuff with an immediate single leg takedown and he's back on top. Pereira is trying to stay active and work strikes from the bottom as well as looking for armbars. But Wiuff is just shrugging him off. The round ends right as Pereira seemed to have maybe gotten an arm locked up. Travis Wiuff wins by decision.

Quarter Finals - George Bush vs. Ricco Rodriguez - They keep bringing up Celebrity Rehab. Including in the introductions. That...isn't really the way I'd want to be introduced. Bush is circling and throwing his jab with a left hook behind it. Ricco looks sluggish and Bush is looking to exploit it. Ricco with a takedown, Bush stands up and a german suplex by Ricco. Bush stands again. A lot of scrambling has me worried for Ricco's cardio. A big double leg from Ricco and he's in Bush's guard. Bush is able to stand right up. Left hand lands for Ricco and he grabs a waist lock from Bush's back. They separate as Rodriguez throws a body kick. Leg kick by Bush is grabbed by Ricco and he takes Bush down. Ricco has Bush's back and has the hooks in. Bush stands and throws a big right hand at the downed Ricco as the bell rings. Ricco Rodriguez wins by decision.

Superfight! - Mark Kerr vs. Oleg Taktarov - Two 5 minute rounds for this one. Kerr is 266 and isn't exactly built like a smashing machine anymore...well...maybe one of those guys that smashes beer cans on his head. Round 1 - Taktarov is working boxing and Kerr shoots in with a single leg. He isn't doing anything from the top yet and Taktarov pushes him off and they're back to standing. Kerr lands a big right standing and Taktarov goes down, more from the lip of the YAMMA than anything. Kerr is on top and Taktarov is bleeding. Taktarov grabs a kneebar and Kerr has to tap out. Oleg Taktarov wins by submission - Kneebar - round 1

Semi-finals - Alexys Oleynik vs. Chris Tuscherer - Oleynik with some leg kicks, and then tries to grab a doubleleg. My broadcast keeps cutting out (it's storming here) so you'll have to forgive me if I miss something here. Finally my feed comes back and Tuscherer is on top throwing left hands down. Oleynik was looking for an armbar but couldn't lock it up. Tuscherer looks like he is going to take the decision by being on top throwing punches for just about the whole fight. Chris Tuscherer wins by decision.

Semi-finals - Travis Wiuff vs. Ricco Rodriguez - This really should have been the finals, why weren't the brackets set up correctly? Anyway, they touch gloves and we're off. Superman punch by Wiuff. Wiuff gets the takedown as Ricco found himself walking up the lip of the YAMMA. Rodriguez is tying up Wiuff's arms to prevent any real damage from being thrown. Travis is finally able to free his arms and work some punches to the body and elbows to Ricco's head. The camera keeps cutting away from the action to show crowd shots which is another thing to add to the awful ass production of the show. Ricco was looking to stand and Travis grabbed a single. Ricco isn't able to stand up several times due to the rise of the YAMMA so Wiuff is staying on top. They're stood back up and Ricco lands a knee to Wiuff's groin. They stop the action for 20 seconds...but not the clock for whatever reason. Ricco is tired and he is going to lose this fight on a decision as the fight ends. Travis Wiuff wins by decision.

The really amazing thing is that lay and pray type takedown/small punch offense has worked better than anything else in the tournament. Which is exactly the thing that they're trying to prevent by putting a rise around the cage. Which honestly doesn't do anything but HELP the takedowns.

SUUUUPERFIGHT! - Pat Smith vs. Eric "Butterbean" Esch - Smith with a leg kick and Butterbean just misses a right hand. And Esch with a low kick. Bean looking for punches but he can't get inside. Smith is using his reach really well, including straight kicks. And of course my signal drops again. I'm back and Smith lands a good jab and then a leg kick after which Esch falls down. Smith is sitting on top of Esch throwing punches and elbows. Esch looks like he hasn't trained ground a day in his life...which is no shocker. Smith has landed about 700 unanswered punches but we're not getting a stoppage yet. FINALLY the fight is stopped as Butterbean has to tap out. Pat Smith wins by submission - strikes - round 1

I think they were showing two dudes about to get in a fight in the crowd. Classy. Also, they finally showed the full crowd beyond the first row and my lord are there a lot of empty seats. Oh goodie..a guy in a tuxedo t-shirt. Classy as hell.

Finals - Chris Tuscherer vs. Travis Wiuff - They're showing Chris Tuscherer's pre-finals interview talking about how he is excited to face off against Ricco Rodriguez. Soooo...I guess things didn't turn out as planned. In my twisted mind this fight will end as both guys charge for a takedown and hit heads knocking each other out. Scott Farrell just called the YAMMA belt the "big strap-on" which...oh forget it. Round 1 - Wiuff is using the jab early. Takedown by Wiuff into side control. A couple elbows but he really isn't trying to do a whole lot with a good position. Tuscherer attempts to roll Wiuff but Travis is able to hang on. Chris manages to stand back up but looks pretty gassed. Tuscherer lands a punch but he is pushing rather than throwing. Wiuff with a right hand that lands. Wiuff with another takedown. No real action and they're stood up. One-Two combo drops Tuscherer, he gets back up and eats another right. Wiuff is throwing some elbows and it looks like Chris has a broken nose. The round ends and I'll be shocked if the second round starts. Round 2 - They are going to let him continue. But Chris is given no time to get water or anything in the corner as the doctor was talking to him the whole time. The round starts and Wiuff is looking to keep it standing now that he's proven he can hurt Tuscherer. Nevermind, there's the takedown a minute into the round. Full mount by Wiuff and he decides he doesn't want to stay there and goes back into Chris' guard. The ref stands them back up. And we've got a poorly executed jab fest on our hands...god do I hate bad boxing technique. Travis could finish this fight at any point if he just would "go for it" but he seems content to push (again..push...not throw) jabs. Tuscherer is gassed and throwing desperation shots at this point. The round ends and in a great turn of events we have 1 round left. Round 3 - JAB! I can't even take the show seriously anymore. It isn't so much the fight as the fact that I've been watching this crap for almost 3 hours. Wiuff with a takedown. If Travis can't finish ths fight, it is going to speak volumes. They're stood back up again. Tuscherer gets the takedown and lands a couple left hands. Wiuff stands back up. Two minutes left. The punches are starting to land for Wiuff but he is content to get into a bodylock. Chris is walking forward throwing shots, but they aren't landing. Twenty seconds left and he is starting to hit AND HURT Wiuff. Travis drops down and gets a takedown and the bell rings. That's the end of the fight. Travis Wiuff wins the YAMMA Heavyweight Tournament Championship by decision

Well that is all folks. The show managed to be...well, the show was not so good. The production hurt it more than anything. Commentators that don't really know the sport, cameras cutting away from (and missing significant portions of) the action, and just bizzare moments all around. I hope you all enjoyed this a lot more than I enjoyed watching it.

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