IFL Heavyweight Title: Roy Nelson vs Fabiano Scherner

Breaking down the IFL Heavyweight Title Match:
Roy Nelson

Analysis:  Calling Roy Nelson well rounded may come off as endomorphic pun-nery , but it truly is a good description of his skills.  Nelson's base is in BJJ, but he has made a name for himself with his outstanding stand-up skills.  Nelson entered most folks radar when he engaged in a slugfest with IFL KO specialist Ben Rothwell.  Nelson took some heavy blows but came back with even more, losing the fight in a controversial split decision.but gaining fans and respect in the process.  In addition to his ground and stand up, Nelson adds in a good clinch game.  Watch his fight with Ott and you'll se good clinch work, getting underhooks, nice pummelling from the clinch and even some decent Muay Thai work.  The Brian Vetell fight highlighted Roy's wrestling and ground and pound skills...Roy was able to work the takedown against a guy that is on the US Grappling Team and landed some bombs from the guard to TKO Vetell.  In the Jaoude fight, faced a guy with better BJJ but was able to sprawl and clinch to keep the fight standing up, eventually leading to the KO victory.  In viewing Nelson's fights, he does a good job of not letting his opponent get into his gamplan and fight his fight (Jauode, Ott)... or in some cases letting his opponent fight his game and then beating him at it (Vetell, Rothwell).  Nelson's BJJ Experience and superior grappling should favor him if this one goes to the ground and he also has much better stand-up.   May want to stay out of the clinch where Scherner has a Muay Thai Edge

Fabiano Scherner

Analysis:  Scherner has been in with some big names in the heavyweight ranks (Assuerio Silva, Gabe Gonzaga, Brandon Vera, Gilbert Yvel), but has yet to get a signature win to get his career a jumpstart.  Competed in submission and jiu-jitsu competitions then transitioned to MMA. Scherner has recently been in Thailand brushing up on his Muay Thai game, looking to round out his game a little more.  In watching his UFC fights, he seemed a bit slow with his hands which lead to him losing the stand-up game.  His fight with Gonzaga also showed he needs to work on his takedown defense as Gonzaga was able to get it to the ground when he wanted it.  Would be best served in the Nelson fight to close the distance, lean on Nelson with his large frame, and look to use the Muay Thai he has spoken of.

Videos from both fighters in the extended entry:

Roy Nelson Scouting Report:

vs Brian Vetell

vs Shane Ott

vs Antoine Jaoude
Fabiano Scherner:

Scouting Report:

vs Gabriel Gonzaga about 1:30 in

Courtesy of MMArking Out

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