IFL Lightweight Title: Schultz vs Gunderson

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Breaking down the IFL 155 Title Match

IFL Hype Piece for the fight:

Ryan Schultz Scouting Report:

vs Chris Horodecki 2

Analysis:  Schultz is Team Quest fighter, cutting his teeth in the sport in many of Matt Lindland's SportFight events.  Schultz opened up a lot eyes with his big win over the formerly unbeaten Chris Horodecki in the IFL Lightweight GP, but it really shouldn't have been that shocking.  Prior to fighting in the IFL, Schultz had a big win over Roger Huerta and fought to a draw with JZ Calvacanti, who now comfortably resides in the Lightweight Top 5.  He had also fought but lost to some other higher profile guys like Hermes Franca and Rich Clementi.  The perception of Schultz as a Quality Fighter took a hit when he was "highlight reel-ed" in two devastating Ko losses in his early fights in the IFL, once to Bart Palaszewski and once to Chris Horodecki.  Schultz didn't take the losses to heart, went on a three fight winning streak and was able to get a re-match with Horodecki when injuries necessitated a repalcement in the GP Final.

Schultz is a wrestler, with a nice ground and pound as evidenced by the clip above.  Mainly a grappler, lacks the submission skill of his trainer Lindland. He will also be the larger, physically bigger guy in the match-up with Gunderson and will look to use these tools.  He generally looks to press the fight and initiate the action. Schultz has good but not great stand-up, he's not the kind to end a fight with one punch or even a flurry of punches. As evident by his two big KO losses in the IFL, tends to get a little sloppy when the exchanges start flying, but Gunderson doesn't really have the heavy hands to exploit this. Having a few submission losses on his record, Ryan may be reticent to take it to the ground with the sub specialist Gunderson.  Could use his better stand-up and clinch to control the fight for the decision win. If he does get the takedowns, it will be mainly to score points.... I don't think that he will get to aggressive with the GNP.

John Gunderson Scouting Report:

vs Wagney Fabiano

Analysis:  Fights for Ken Shamrock's Lion's Den.  Lacks the resume of his opponent Schultz, with his highest profile win being over the fantastically uneven Krazy Horse Bennett. Is a very well versed submission fighter, two-thirds of his 15 wins coming via submission.  Has average stand-up.  Has good grappling skills, but not on par with Schultz.  Best chance in the fight is to pull guard and work for a sub or press the pace and look for a sub in the scramble.

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