Frank Mir Speaks


Promoted to the front page from the FanPosts by Luke Thomas. has an article up with Frank Mir in which he discusses his upcoming fight with Antonio Nogueira.

What he thinks of Nog:

I look up to Nogueira. I think he's a phenomenal fighter, somebody who is an inspiration to a lot of people. He shows a lot of heart in all his wars he's been in. Fighting him is not going to take anything away from him.


He has a pace. I think Nogueira's a better athlete than sometimes he lets himself on to be. A lot of guys, we go for home runs in fights, and that can be a problem.


He doesn't kill himself trying to get anything, he just sets a pace and keeps that same pace. He's like a marathon runner. He knows how fast he can run a mile and he can push a certain pace but if he goes faster he'll get tired, and if he goes any slower he lets the pressure of the guy.

On his conditioning training:

After I beat Lesnar I was back in the gym Monday. It doesn't mean I don't take a day off here and there to go spend time with the family, but two days never go by where I'm not in the gym, even when I don't have a fight coming up. And 10 weeks out I'm in the gym every day, twice a day.


The minute you step in the ring you have a pretty good judge of where you're at. I knew where I was, I had no cardio in my early career in the UFC. That was due to my training. Cardio is not genetic. People can be a little bit better than others naturally, but you've got to work at it.

On how long the fight will last:

I don't see it being quick at all. I can't imagine that in over 35 fights Nogueira has had -- and no one has finished him -- that I'm going to be the one to do it.


I've really expected that this fight is going to be a 25-minute fight. If anything my strategy has been more geared towards making sure I win convincingly on the judges' score cards.

Will it be a jiu-jitsu extravaganza?

I think going jiu-jitsu for jiu-jitsu is going to be quite difficult for me. He's been doing jiu-jitsu longer than I have, and if anybody asked me I would say he's a better jiu-jitsu guy than I am. He's been a black belt longer than I have. For me to say I have an edge there, I don't see where. But that's why I'm not trying to make it a strictly confirmed jiu-jitsu match, I'm going to use elbows and strikes and mix it up and go for more unorthodox submissions -- more footlocks and kneebars and whatnot.

If not JJ, then what?

Striking, I think I have the potential to be the better striker, but as far as actually applying it in the ring that's a different story. That's really going to be my goal now -- I've seen what I've done in practice and I need to transfer that to life.

And finally:

Nogueira can't stop me from fighting my hardest. I can stop me.

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