UFC 92 Live Results - Rashad Evans vs. Forrest Griffin

Once again we are here to provide you with live thoughts and results on tonights UFC 92 card.  In the past week I have been through TWO flat tires, my basement flooding TWICE, and holidays with the family.  I have never in my life wanted to sit around and watch a great fight card more than I do today.  And this truly is a great fight card.

Wanderlei Silva vs. Rampage Jackson III, Frank Mir vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Rashad Evans vs. Forrest Griffin.  We've got three legitimate main event level fights all on one card and I'm stoked to be here to talk about it with all of you.

As always we want your thoughts as the show unfolds so comment and be heard.

The golden live thread rule is in effect though.  Do NOT discuss undercard results in the comment section until either A) The PPV broadcast ends or B) the fight is being shown on the broadcast.  We just don't want to spoil any fights for anyone that may be shown if time allows.

The gladiator video is playing...and here we go!

Cheick Kongo vs. Mostapha al Turk - We're getting going with the heavyweights.  Round 1 - Jab from Turk gets it going.  Kongo looks like he wants to throw the right hand.  Low kick from Turk is caught and Kongo drives him down with a punch.  A few kicks to the leg and they're back standing.  Kongo defends a takedown attempt well. Small knee as al Turk continues looking for the takedown.  Turk is wasting a lot of energy not getting the takedown.  Elbows to the head now and Turk has to give up the single leg attempt and gets turned against the cage.  Kongo gets a warning for holding the shorts...and another.  Low knee from Turk and Kongo needs a second to recover but Turk is breathing with his mouth open.  Kongo is ready to get it going again.  Short right lands for Kongo.  Low kick from Kongo and now Mostapha is looking for the takedown again.  Now it's Kongo with a hard low blow to Turk.  And they take a break again.  They're going again now and Kongo misses a low kick. Right hand lands for Kongo and Turk goes down.  Kongo follows him down and is landing elbow and punch after elbow and punch.  Turk is bleeding heavily and the fight is over.  I told you all!  Cheick Kongo wins by TKO round 1.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva - Oh good god, I'm actually nervous.  Round 1 - Rampage looks really dry during the introductions, and he had trouble making weight...so that's a bit scary.  Silva is backing up and Rampage throws a right hand and moves backward right away.  Both fighters land right hands.  Right hand from Silva is partially blocked.  Silva chants from the crowd.  They're hesitant to engage here.  Jab from Rampage lands.  Takedown attempt is stuffed by Silva and he just misses a knee.  Low kick from Silva lands hard as does a second.  Leg kick is caught by Jackson but he can't do anything with it.  Left hook lands hard for Rampage and Silva is out cold.  He is out and his legs are twitching.  Wow!  Quinton Jackson wins by KO, round 1.

Dan Evensen vs. Pat Barry - Undercard action!  Round 1 - Hard kicks from Barry and Evensen is able to get in close and lock up against the cage.  They're broken quickly by the ref and restarted.  Barry with a few HARD leg kicks and now Barry is on top on the ground.  Barry stands back up though and Evensen is looking a bit unsteady.  Leg kick and Evensen's leg is hurt and he stumbles backward and falls down.  The fight is over as Evensen suffers a knee injury.  Pat Barry win by TKO (leg kicks), round 1.  Evensen's knee buckles very badly on the low kick as can be seen on the replay.  Nasty stuff.

C.B. Dollaway vs. Mike Massenzio - Scott Christ from BadLeftHook is sitting on the couch here and wants C.B. to walk to the cage to "Convoy."  Massenzio is sporting a very heavily taped knee and is walking with a limp, so that looks like a giant bullseye to me.  Round 1 - Left hand lands for CB as does a knee.  Left hook from Massenzio hurts a Dollaway and he goes for a takedown but Massenzio pulls a guillotine.  It looked deep but Dollaway pulls free.  C.B. is going to have time to recover now.  Triangle attempt is avoided by C.B. and he briefly has side control and lands an elbow.  Dollaway again passes and now gets full mount.  Massenzio rolls and C.B. flattens him out and is pounding away forcing the ref to step in, it's all over.  C.B. Dollaway wins by TKO (strikes) round 1.  Massenzio is upset at the stoppage but you can't lay on your stomach and eat shot after shot and have the fight continue.  Very impressive heart from C.B. fighting through a very big shot that hurt him and a deep looking guillotine to get the win.

Matt Hamill vs. Reese Andy - Round 1 - Takedown from Hamill but Andy bounces back up.  High kick is blocked by Andy and he lands a glancing punch/knee combo.  Andy is pressuring with combinations now and lands a nice uppercut.  Jab lands for Hamill.  Right hand lands for Andy as does a low kick.  Hamill is now bleeding below the right eye.  Hamill is breathing with his mouth open now.  Andy's eye is swelling up now.  Jab lands for Hamill now.  Hamill is starting to look a bit sharper with his striking now as the round wears on and he is starting to win the round.  Left hook lands for Andy.  The round ends and my scorecard is 10-9 Hamill.  Round 2 - Right hand by Andy early.  Left/Right combo lands for Hamill.  Andy looks for a shot and Hamill lands some punches followed by a very solid knee. Very nice, hard body shot by Hamill.  Andy looks SO slow in this fight.  Left to the body hurt Andy badly and he went to a knee.  Hamill is on top of him pounding away and Andy wants out it looks like.  It's over finally.  Hamill looked fairly sloppy but when you're fighting someone who looks like he is going half speed you can get away with it.  Matt Hamill wins by TKO (strikes) round 2.

Frank Mir vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira for the Interim UFC Heavyweight Championship - I had some technical difficulties for a second but at least I didn't miss a fight.  Round 1 - Mir throwing some hesitant punches early and lands a low kick and a very big uppercut but Nog shrugs it off.  Mir with a takedown now!  Mir wants to stand back up now where he was dominating early.  I'm very impressed with Mir's hands so far.  Uppercut lands again for Mir.  Nogueira finally lands the jab and Mir keeps looking for that uppercut.  And it lands yet again.  Left hook now for Mir and now Nogueira is dropped by a shot and Mir wants him to stand back up.  This may be the best I've ever seen Mir look.  They tangle and Mir throws a knee to the body.  Mir is light on his feet now and he keeps distance working his boxing.  Now Nogueira lands a combo and Mir smiles at him.  Mir drops him with a punch again.  Frank Mir wins that round 10-8 on my card.  Round 2 - Nogueira has to find a way to get this to the ground because Frank is going to win the striking war it seems.  More punches land for Mir early.  Low kick for Nogueira lands.  Left hand lands for Mir as does another and Nogueira drops again and this time Mir pounces and the fight is stopped.  Mir runs over and points to Lesnar and says "you have my belt" what an amazing showing from Frank Mir.  Major props to those of you that called this.  Frank Mir wins by TKO (strikes) round 2.  Simply a fantastic showing for Frank and he absolutely looked like the best Frank Mir I've ever seen.

Rashad Evans vs. Forrest Griffin for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship - Main event coming up next.  Round 1 - Rashad looks like he wants to stay quick and outside which isn't a shock. Forrest is outside lookin to jab and as I type he lands a right hand.  Rashad now lands the right hand.  Low kick from Forrest and he follows with a body kick.  Left/Right combo lands for Forrest.  Jab/Hook combo by Rashad now and this is a very close round.  Now Forrest lands a left hand.  Superman punch by Forrest misses.  Very close round but I'd probably give it to Griffin 10-9.  Round 2 -  Right hand lands by forrest very solidly and a low kick lands.  Another low kick and a jab by Forrest.  Forrest turns it on and throws combos clinching and throwing knees.  Rashad gives him some attitude and throws a left in return.  They go back to the patern of distance with Forrest looking for kicks and Evans looking to get in and out quickly.  Left hand lands for Evans and a low kick in return from Forrest.  Low kick now from Evans and it was slightly low.  My video cut out for a second and there are now 30 seconds remaining.  Evans is throwing with bad intentions but Griffin is doing a good job of keeping distance with jabs and low kicks.  Right hand from Griffin as the round ends.  Griffin goes up 20-18 on my card.  Round 3 - Rashad pounces as Griffin goes down after missing a kick.  Rashad is throwing bombs but Griffin survives and gets full guard.  Rashad passes to half guard.  Very good elbow from Rashad.  Rashad is landing heavy shots from the top and Griffin is out!  The fight is over and Rashad Evans is the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.  Rashad Evans wins by TKO (strikes) round 3.  Well...I managed to get all 3 big fights on the card wrong but whatever.  Evans did a great job of just waiting for his opening and making it count when it was there.

My feed (legal Yahoo! PPV stream) dropped right after the main event.  So if there is any undercard action shown from here on discuss it in the comment thread.

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