The Week in Quotes, December 6th - 12th



"I think in the future that shows people that get on the show that as long as they act like a moron and an idiot, they get to have time." - TUF 8 Coach Frank MIr, reflecting on the season that was.  (Winnipeg Free Press)

"I understand that's part of the whole game but as far as me as a martial artist, I find it an insult." - Mir, on the behavior of bad boy Junie Browning and its effects on the MMA landscape.

"This is the exact opposite of what you want to strive for and be as a man." - Mir, the explanation he gave his 16 year old son after refusing to allow him to watch the last two episodes.

"Who's Frank Mir?" - Junie Browning, doing his thang.

"I think he's just trying to justify the fact he was a horrible coach." - Browning, on Mir.

"I don't own a business that makes millions of dollars, so that's probably why I don't make those decisions." - Mir


"To be honest with you, he did everything for show." - TUF 8 Contestant Krzysztof Soszynski, who should follow War Machine's lead and consider a name change.

"Basically he told me the very first day we met - and before our fights to get into the house - he basically said 'If I get into this house, I'm going to be the crazy guy. I'm going to get out of hand, I'm going to get out of control, I'm going to pull whatever I can just to get ratings, to become the character that I want to become." - Soszynski

"He said he was going to become the worst Chris Leben ever." - Soszynski, which makes me wonder what the "best" Chris Leben looks like.

"It seems to have worked out for him." - TUF 8 Contestant Ryan Bader

"It's a reality TV show and your true colours will show." - TUF 8 Wunderkid Phillipe Nover

"You can't fake an act for a month straight." - Nover, don't underestimate crazy people, however.


"We're opening up a Black House training facility in Los Angeles for all the guys that we represent to train at." - Superagent Ed Soares (

"So they represent different teams because each one of them is trying to form their own team. There's the Muay Thai College, which is Anderson (Silva's) team, there's Team Nogueira. But when they're in Los Angeles, they're all going to be training at Black House." - Soares, describing a dream "MMA University."

"It's not going to be open to the public." - Soares, or not.


"I've received a letter from someone offering training with Juanito to me, but I didn't care to accept it." - Former Pride Middleweight Champion Wanderlei Silva (Fighters Only)

"(The letter) contained phone numbers that I could use to get in touch with Juanito, but I threw it away." - Silva

"I think it's unethical to accept the former coach of my opponent, and if Juanito is doing this with Rampage, he may do the same with me later." - Silva, plus he already knows the game plan.  Thai plum.  Knees. ???.  Profit.


"Hopefully he had his hand fixed so he can fight me like he was supposed to, like a real man instead of poking me in the eye." - Anthony Johnson, calling out Kevin Burns. (

"I hope his wife loves him because he’s going to be ugly when I get done with him." - Johnson, similar things have been uttered in tasteful gay porn.


"If he wants to drop to 155, I’d like to be the first guy that fights him." - Former UFC Lightweight Champion Sean Sherk, on Diego Sanchez's decision to drop down to 155. (MMA Weekly)

"The second Anderson Silva moves a fist in my direction, lifts of foot, moves a knee, flinches an elbow I will change elevation and blast a double so hard I'll put him straight through the fence if it's not reinforced." - Chael Sonnen, this kind of delusion worked especially well for Patrick Cote. (Yahoo)

"Actually, there aren’t any of his fights I really like." - Thiago Silva, when asked which of his opponent's - Lyoto Machida - fights he was impressed with. (Sherdog)

"Did you see the production? And that was HBO. Maybe they should give us some of their Emmys. The pacing was awful. There was no energy in the crowd. They had to loop Pacquiao’s music when he came out because he had to walk so far." - UFC President Dana White, lambasting the production of Pacquiao/De La Hoya. (Yahoo)

"First of all, I love the city of Japan." - Kimbo Slice, KO'ing his broadcasting faster than Seth Petruzelli (K-1 World Grand Prix English Telecast)

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