UFC "Fight for the Troops" Live Results - Josh Koscheck vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida

As always, we're here to take you through the action of a major MMA show.  Starting with the Spike TV broadcast I will be here bringing you live results and thoughts on UFC: Fight for the Troops headlined by Josh Koscheck vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida.

Please participate in the comment thread and share your thoughts on the action as it unfolds.

We do ask that you adhere to our one standard rule.  No discussion in the comments of any undercard fights until after they are shown or the broadcast ends.  We do not want to spoil any fights that may make the air for anyone.

So join us, watch the fights, and share your thoughts.  And don't be afraid to get some discussion going before the show kicks off (just not spoilers).  Early worm gets the worm.

The show is starting and I love the intro here SO much more than the gladiator intro for the pay-per-views.

Joe Rogan mentions the feeling you get with this crowd when the National Anthem goes on with this crowd.  I find it odd that they wouldn't play the anthem while they were on the air.

They're doing a video package explaining the charity and the brain injury problem.  I would like to take a minute to urge everyone to call or go to fightforthetroops.com to donate to this noble cause.  Even if you only have $5 to give it would make me proud if our readers do what they can.

Jim Miller vs. Matt Wiman - Our first fight of the telecast and I would be willing to bet that this turns into a bit of a barnburner.  Round 1 -Miller lands a left and is actually outstriking Wiman early.  Nice right hand from Miller.  He is beating Wiman outside and inside and now Wiman gets a hard takedown right into a deep guillotine.  Miller rolls him and takes full mount.  Wiman keeps grabing the shorts and getting warned but he is finally able to escape.  I worry about the short notice and such a hard effort for a submission thought.  Now Miller is in Wiman's guard landing punches and elbows.  Wiman has a cut on the bridge of his nose and is getting beaten thoroughly.  Miller makes a mistake and ends up on bottom but Wiman can't do anything and catches an upkick.  They're back to standing and Wiman lands a right hook.  They're both breathing pretty heavy now.  Body kick from Miller and Wiman is hurt badly. Miller is gassed here...it's a torrid pace and he took this fight on such short notice. Superman punch glances off Wiman's head and the round ends.  10-9 round for Miller on the BE scorecard.  Round 2 -Miller tries for the takedown but Wiman scrambles to get back up quickly.  Combos are landing for Miller now and they clinch against the cage. Punch after punch from Miller now and Wiman is getting picked apart here.  Single leg by Miller now and he is in Wiman's guard.  Hammerfists from Miller now.  Miller lands a big punch as he spins out of a leg lock attempt.  Rogan and Goldie are saying that round 1 could be 10-8, but I don't think it was quite that bad.  Wiman has no answer but to lay and eat the occasional shot from Miller.  The round ends and it's another one sided 10-9 round for Miller on the BE card.  Round 3 - Wiman is landing shots early but Miller gets the takedown to get out of trouble.  Wiman gets back up and again lands a hook.  Single leg by Miller though and the troops boo the ground action.  I don't want to sound like a jerk...but this is a charity show for veterans...so maybe be nice to the guys putting on the show for you.  This isn't a snoozefest or anything.  Wiman is controlling Miller's hips well and isn't taking much damage now and as I type that Miller lands a nice right and passes to side control. Wiman does a nice job of getting him back to full guard and they stand.  Wiman lands a knee and Miller takes him right back down. Miller is obviously gassed this rround and just needs to hang on.  Wiman gets up tries a takedown and Miller slickly takes his back directly off of the takedown.  Miller has his back but looks too tired to do much with it.  Wiman grabs Millers glove and gets a warning but says "i'm not"  Miller goes for a full mount but Wiman prevents it.  The round ends and it's a much closer round but the majority of the action was Miller on top and getting takedowns.  Wiman landed a few punches but he lost the fight. 30-27 on the BE card.  Official Scorecards -30-27x2, 30-26 across the board.  Jim Miller wins by unanimous decision.  Very impressive performance for a guy taking a fight on a weeks notice.

Tim Creduer vs. Nate Loughran - Round 1- Low kick from Loughran catches Creduer low.  Right hand lands solid for Creduer.  Left/right lands for Tim now. Stupidly wide left hook misses for Tim now.  Rogan points out what I was thinking...Creduer needs to learn to keep his chin down when he lets his hands go.  They're pressed against the fence with no real damage.  Body kick from Loughran.  Right hand lands for Loughran.  Right hand now from Tim.  Left hook lands for Nate now.  Sloppy kickboxing match here early.  Overhand right for Tim lands as does a leg kick.  Tim's best work is probably the leg kicks, the technique on his punches is so bad that he is losing a lot of power on them.  Another big right hand lands and now Creduer throws some short power shots that looked like they hurt Nate more than any of the looping shots and the round ends.  10-9 Creduer.  Round 2 - Creduer avoids a takedown attempt and it is Tim that ends up on top.  Nate has a bad cut over his left eye.  It will likely be what stops this fight, it's a bad spot.  Nate is throwing up sloppy armbar attempts and Tim passes to half guard but Nate gets it back to full guard.  They're stood up after a lack of action on the ground and it's back to bad kickboxing.  Eye poke but no stoppage so Loughran tries to pounce on a one eyed Tim.  Back to standing at distance throwing punches like you'd see outside a night club.  Every time Tim lands a short punch he hurts Nate but he insists on throwing looping shots instead of staying short and compact.  They stop the fight as Nate is on his stool holding his rib.  Rogan says he thinks it was a broken rib.  They show Nate in his corner saying he was done.  Doesn't look like an injury..he just quit on the stool.  Tim Creduer wins by TKO (verbal submission) at 5:00 of Round 2.

Steve Cantwell vs. Razak Al-Hassan - Round 1 - Al-Hassan comes out quickly with jabs and kicks and Cantwell is circling.  Body kick from Hassan who is keeping his chin away from his body...that's going to end with him asleep on the mat I figure.  Uppercut lands for Cantwell.  Uppercut and a knee from Hassan in the clinch. Left hook from Cantwell lands but it was loopy.  Razak is winning the round on pressure if nothing else right now.  Left hook lands for Cantwell again.  A nice shot lands for Cantwell and Hassan looks for a takedown which Cantwell reverses and ends up on top.  Cantwell passes to side control with ease.  He can steal the round with a little work here.  Now Cantwell to the full mount.  Hassan gave up an arm and the armbar is deep.  Hasaan's arm looks like it broke and Yamasaki jumps in.  Steve Cantwell wins by TKO (armbar/injury/ref stoppage) round 1.

Mike Swick vs. Jonathan Goulet - Round 1 - Swick comes out aggressive and drops goulet after about 24 seconds.  Shot after shot lands and Big Dan jumps in to save him.  Any more questions about Goulet's chin?  Jonathan is still out, twitching and his eyes are rolled back in his head.  Nasty stuff.  Mike Swick wins by KO round 1.

Ben Saunders vs. Brandon Wolff - Undercard action! Round 1 -  Low kick from Saunders early.  They restart and Saunders lands somewhere around 40 knees from the clinch, then backs off for a high kick then back to the chlinch with a good 30-40 more knees.  It's a sick body and head attack with the knees and Wolff is bloody and swolen...the fight should probably have been stopped a good 30 seconds ago but it is finally stopped and Wolff is an absolute mess. WOW, what a beat down.  Ben Saunders wins by TKO, round 1.

Yoshiyuki Yoshida vs. Josh Koscheck - I get showing the intros for the main event fighters but I wish they'd skip it just to increase the odds of getting another undercard scrap on the broadcast.  Round 1 - Yoshida is looking like he wants to throw low kicks here and keep distance and Koscheck is looking happy to play the striking game.  Right hand lands for Koscheck....and another about 20 seconds later, this one drawing blood from Yoshida's ear.  Right hand lands for Koscheck and Yoshida looked out on his feet and another HUGE right lands and Yoshida goes stiff.  What a BEAUTIFUL and BRUTAL KO.  Josh Koscheck wins by KO, round 1.  Yoshida was as close to unconcious as you can be while still on your feet before eating that second shot.  Wow...

Steve Bruno vs. Johnny Rees - Undercard action.  Round 1 - boos from the fans early which again I say is kind of shady considering it's a charity show for a millitary cause.  Rees is looking for a takedown but can't do much with it early.  Body kick from Rees is caught and Bruno takes him down.  Big downward punch and a pass to side control.  North-south position and now Bruno takes his back.  Back to half guard and more booing and "stand up" from the crowd.  Bruno takes his back again.  The ref restarts them when Bruno has his back standing and now Rees is landing shots.  That was such a dumb restart.  I sincerely hope the refs (I didn't catch who is reffing this fight) are having their fight's reviewed and aren't just getting automatically brought back for another event.  "Come on do somethin' man" from the ref as there is active work being done.  10-9 for Bruno for me.  Round 2 -Bruno grabs a body lock and is looking for a trip but instead takes Rees' back standing.  Rees is looking for a Sakuraba-esque kimura but has to let it go.  The ref is reacting to the crowd booing which is why he is pressing for action so hard.  Restart again as they were working on the cage.  Rees connects with an uppercut and they're back against the cage, now Rees is looking for a double despite his corner telling him "no takedowns."  As Rees is working for the takedown there is a "come on men" from the ref.  Uppercuts land for Rees and Bruno grabs a takedown.  Bruno takes his back standing again and this time sinks the choke deep as they go to the ground and Rees has to tap.  Steve Bruno wins by submission (rear naked choke) round 2.  I think I heard someone say "was that an armbar" after the fight ended.

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