EA MMA Game to Star Frank Shamrock?

Fronted by Luke Thomas.


An interesting tidbit from this MMAPayout profile:

Shamrock business model in recent years includes 70% of revenue from fighting, 15-18% from licensing, and 12% from consulting.  The latter consists of fees Shamrock earns from promotions like Elite XC, and in the past, UFC, offering advice and support.  He takes cash and/or equity as payment, and sometimes will invest his own capital.

He believes in taking risks, but only calculated ones.  "I’ve taken some risks with my brand, but they were only risks where the payoff was way beyond the risk."  Over time, he’s changed his approach.  "I’ve got a life and longevity plan," he said.  "I want to be healthy and happy, but I have to be in really good shape and stay at the highest level.  Otherwise my brand will suffer and people will be kicking my ass."  As a result, Shamrock has been much more deliberate about how he plans and promotes his fights.  "My plan is to fight for 10 more years, until I’m 45, but the risks get higher every year as I get older, so I work to raise the value of each fight each time," by amping up the promotion and buildup, and commanding higher revenues.

At the same time, he continues to diversify his business outside the ring, landing some national, mainstream projects like "MMA for Dummies" with Wiley Publishing and one of the crown jewels of sports licensing deals, an MMA videogame by EA Sports that hits stores in 2010.

Last time we heard any details regarding this EA Mixed Martial Arts game, it was Randy Couture touting his possible inclusion in May:

IGN: You didn't appear in any of the UFC video games. Why was that the case?

I wouldn't waive my rights, so they yanked me from the game, and I'm not in the new version. I'm pursuing trying to do a video game of my own which I'm talking to EA about. I'm going to show up in Command and Conquer as a general, in a theatrical version of the video game they're doing now, and hopefully that will be the first step towards a video game with EA featuring me!

Obviously Couture, having returned to the UFC, appears to be out of the running, but it sounds like EA will forge ahead, with Shamrock and other non-Zuffa MMA stars comprising the roster. No word on whether or not the EA logo has been banned from the octagon yet.

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