CroCop on Ishii, Fedor, Kimbo and More

Fronted by Luke Thomas.

This is a translation of a recent hour long online video interview with Mirko Cro Cop that was conducted earlier today at Translated by Bet WWX.


Cro Cop on Kimbo
Not the most technically advanced fighter but a tough guy with a lot of heart. Would be a difficult fight for many top MMA fighters.

The best fighter in the world currently
Fedor. Incredibly dedicated and humble. Admires his approach. He doesn't live the high life but focuses on MMA only. Regrets that he didn't do the same with his career. His fight with Tim Syliva was an anomaly, that sort of attack and aggression was a once off. His fight with Arlovski will be very close but he gives the slight edge to Fedor.

Cro Cop on Ishii

Q: We've just got news that Olympic gold medalist Satoshi Ishii may want to fight you? What do you think about that match-up?

"To be honest this is the first time I've heard of his name. This is the first thing I've heard of this. Well, its embarrassing to find out about my upcoming opponents via this online chat rather than my management team however yes its interesting. It's a major thing to fight any Olympic gold medalist. So why not, I'm interested."

Q: So who would you rather fight at NYE him or Overeem?

"It doesn't really matter to me. People have to realize that this is just a business and I'm happy to fight who ever people think is the more interesting match-up for me. I'll fight anyone they put in front of me but in the end its just a business and who ever is the more interesting match-up business wise is who I will end up fighting. Fighters really have no say as to who fights who, it's a business decision."

Disappointed that Werdum lost. Hasn't seen the fight yet. He left team Cro Cop after two and half years because he wanted to live in Brazil. Rules out training with him at Chute Box. He is happy with his current team.

He said his ground word is more than adequate. Lister can't submit him on the ground and neither can he submit Lister.

Early Idols

One of Cro Cop's idols was Tyson. At his prime he considers Tyson the greatest boxer of all time.

On Knee Pads & Trunks
He is going back to the classic cro cop shorts. He'll have to wear the knee pads/guards for at least another fight.

Does Lesnar Deserve a title shot?
It doesn't matter. Its not about who the best fighter is, its just a business decision. If the UFC can make money with this match-up than why not.

He decided to postpone his surgery as a favor to Dream/K1 who have supported his entire career. He owes it to them to fight on NYE.

Other Notes:
Wants to return to K1 one day. He says he doesn't listen to Croatian folk music but likes music from the 80's, domestic and foreign names Duran Duran. Doesn't know when he'll retire maybe a year or two, maybe five even. Confirms NYE match with Overeem.

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