Antonio Silva May Sign With Sengoku, Flout Suspension and Fight January 4 is reporting (in Portuguese, translation via Google):

Suspended by the athletic committee of the United States on charges of doping, Antonio (Silva) can not fight in America before July 28, 2009, when it was terminating the suspension. After losing in the courts of the athletic commission, also saw the EliteXC, an event in which Silva was heavyweight champion, close the doors. With that the athlete had to get out of ATT demand for a new home, which has everything to be in Japan "I'm negotiating my way to Japan The Sengoku made me an offer to fight on January 4 and we are seeing that, "said Peza, who is entering the common justice against the athletic commission.

Pretty garbled, but the gist is clear. Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva is considering violating his California suspension and fighting in Japan as early as January.

Vitor Belfort pulled a similar stunt in 2007 after being suspended in Nevada, he jumped ship and fought in Britain. Apparently it wasn't the end of the world as he later managed to fight in California and is apparently in good standing with American authorities. Personally I don't really blame Silva, after all the California State Athletic Commission hasn't exactly been fair and balanced in its decision.

He's also pretty much ignoring whatever legal claims zombie ProElite might still have on him contractually.

Something tells me there might be some long term legal headaches in all this for Silva. But if we get to see Josh Barnett vs Antonio Silva on January 4th, I'll take that chance.

HT Nightmare of Battle

UPDATE: Five Ounces of Pain has more from an interview with Silva's manager Alex Davis:

While speaking with Davis, he indicated that he did not agree with Tatame’s characterization of contract negoations. Confirming that Silva has indeed been contacted by Sengoku, Davis was quick to add that a finalized agreement is not yet imminent.

Davis also stated that several issues must be carefully considered before Silva’s camp can decide whether it will move forward with a new promotion. The most notable concern on the table is how they want to proceed in the wake of Silva’s one-year suspension handed down by the California State Athletic Commission.

CSAC announced in August that Silva had been suspended for a year and fined $2,500 after testing positive for boldenone following his July 26 title victory against Justin Eilers during EliteXC’sUnfinished Business” event in Stockton, Calif. Boldenone is an anabolic steroid commonly used on racehorses. Silva has denied CSAC’s claim and appealed the fine and suspension. However, the suspension was upheld following an Oct. 22 appeal hearing.

Silva also has a restricted non-exclusive contract with ProElite, in which premium-cable provider Showtime claims it will auction off on Nov. 17 in response to ProElite’s default of a prior loan agreement.

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