Randy and Kim Couture v. Tom Beard of Affliction Hits the Court

Tom_beardEdited and Fronted by Luke Thomas.

According the place where I get the most up to date MMA news (, Kim Couture has gotten a restraining order against T-Shirt guy and Affliction VP Tom Beard.

Apparently Beard started going nuts when the Coutures committed an atrocious sin: they asked about the profits for the Xtreme Couture clothing line:

Randy and wife Kim claim Affliction Prez Todd Beard has been on a campaign of terror against them since they asked for an accounting of profits. A Las Vegas judge just issued a temporary restraining order, prohibiting Beard from going near Kim, and that includes going near the MGM Grand when Randy fights this Saturday. And Beard can't go to the Hotel during the weigh-in the day before either.

This sort of puts Beard's rant on Sirius radio into a new light and hints at even more problems regarding the rocky relationship between Affliction and the Coutures.

I also find it scary that the restraining order says that Beard can't go to the fight or the weigh-ins this weekend. Is this guy really that crazy or dangerous that he'd show up to the fight and make a scene?

Update [by Cannon Jacques]:  MMA Payout has a lot more information regarding this matter.  Court documents allege that Beard has a history of criminal conduct and drug abuse.  Check out the full article for all the details.  Here's an excerpt:

“These threats culminated in a series of calls to me and my attorney, Sam Spira, on October 17, 2008,” the application goes on to state. “During those calls, Todd Beard, in the most profanity laced and obscene filled rants, literally screamed at the top of his lungs that he would “get” us and otherwise make us regret that we had persisted in our efforts to get proper accountings.”

In an interesting twist, has learned that Donald J. Campbell is serving as Couture’s local attorney in the matter. Campbell is a highly respected Las Vegas attorney who became familiar in MMA circles last year for his representation of the UFC in its dispute with Randy Couture. His involvement is sure to raise eyebrows.

The application is supported by an affidavit from James Perry, former FBI agent and personal investigator. Perry alleges that “a nation-wide criminal records search has revealed Mr. Beard to be a career criminal.”

“As the Court can readily see from a reading of [the] Affidavit, my fear of Mr. Beard is well-founded given his extensive criminal history,” Couture stated in her application. “Not only has he been convicted of numerous state and federal felonies relating to fraud (a grave concern given his refusal to provide me with proper accountings) but further, he apparently has engaged in numerous acts of violence, including violence against women.”


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