EliteXC Announcing team... gotsta go

I mean really... can we please have someone do something about this? It was nice to have Ken Shamrock be able to throw that little jab towards Ken in the opening moments but the rest of the show was painful. I rewound the DVR 3x time that night; once for kimbo's KO, once for arlovski's KO, and then once more to make sure i heard that idiot Ranallo correctly when he proclaimed that "Arlovski was dominating fighters like CSI was dominating the ratings".


We will ignore the factual discrepancies with that statement and solely concentrate on the cheeziness factor. I think every true MMA fan was quickly brought back to earth after hearing that statement. I know I held my head low as "Christmas time is here" softly started playing in the background (arrested development; come on, anybody?). That was the point I knew mma and national network television coverage just was not for me. When I later saw the show was beaten by America's Most Wanted I knew the same could be said for John+Jane Sixpak and the rest of the mouthbreathers out there that own the mythical creation known as a neilsen box.

But back to the topic at hand... the  nightmare that is cbs/eliteXC's announcing crew. They desperately need someone with a little edge (say Bill Goldberg or any other WCW personality, i dare you), the entire crew just comes off as being too prim and polished for an MMA event, especially the type of MMA they are trying to promote. You have a polo match, maybe the world croquet championships this is the team that would be perfect for it. Got an MMA match? I want somebody that feels like one of the guys. Somebody I feel like I can sit down and drink a beer after the program finishes up. Why do I have a feeling an appletini is the beverage of choice for this crew once the cameras turn off??

I think one thing that really helped the UFC take off (like him or not) was Joe Rogan. A famaliar face/voice that not only your average joe could relate to but also an announcer (who more times than not) knew what the hell he was talking about. I understand no one wanted to rain on Seth's parade but did you hear anyone mention the blow to the back of the head that put the nail in kimbo's coffin?? Maybe they didnt think they could bring that up and ignore the spectacle $kala was making of himself in the background (blocking hulk hogan's view of the action none the less). Either way I think it was way too big of a point to get no mention at all.

So in closing I would like to present my dream team for announcing eliteXC's next rating disaster Kimbo vs Gina... Luke Thomas (replacing Mauro), Jay Glazer (replacing johnson), with Dave Attell doing the ring side reporting, and Steven Wright thrown in there just for the freakshow factor (eliteXC's specialty).





Thats the guy who is supposed to be introducing MMA to America's non-ppv television audiences?? Are you sure?? I thought that was the guy who was running for comptroller for the city of Agrestic.


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