EliteXC Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock Results


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Seth Petruzelli def. Kimbo Slice via TKO at 0:14 in round 1.

Jake Shields def. Paul Daley by submission at 3:47 of round 2.

Andrei Arlovski def. Roy Nelson by KO at 3:14 of round 2.

Gina Carano def. Kelly Kobald by unanimous decision.

Benji Radach def. Murilo Ninja Rua by TKO at 2:31 of round 2.


Cyborg Santos def. Yoko Takahashi by unanimous decision.

Conor Heun def. Edson Berto by TKO at 2:18 of round 2.

Mikey Gomez def. Lorenzo Borgomeo by submission at 4:06 of round 2.

Bryan Hamade def. David Gomez by submission at 2:03 of round 1.

Nicolae Cury def. Jorge Bouchat by submission at 1:35 of round 1.

One scarcely knows what to say, but it's safe to assume Jeremy Lappen and Jared Shaw didn't get the best night of sleep this past evening. Maybe it's because they couldn't sleep through the noise of a massive bubble popping.

1. In fairness to EliteXC, the event was quite good. Despite some awful refereeing from Troy Waugh in the Arlovski vs. Nelson event, all of the fights were at least entertaining and then some for others. It's a shame EliteXC is now in such peril as it seems they finally got their act together (aside from propping up an over-hyped street fighter) in terms of producing an event with high-level well rounded fighters. None of these fights necessarily portend much for the respective divisions of MMA, but they were far from meaningless throwaway bouts.

2. Nate and I were hanging out last night. He pointed out my opinion on Kimbo has shifted over time and I think he's right. I think I was his first champion in the MMA blogosphere, but somewhere along the line he got too big for my comfort. As an interesting side show or compliment to high level MMA, I found his presence beneficial. He could bring in fans and create for interesting discussion. But EliteXC became too reliant upon him and worked too hard to make him something he wasn't. They pushed him down our throats and tried to double down by saying he was both popular AND legitimate. Ultimately, that turned me off. I don't dislike Kimbo personally. He is who he is and was classy in defeat. But my tolerance for his presence as it's thus far been is officially over. He can still be on the main card if EliteXC survives, but should never be the main event ever again. Ever.

3. I'll say it again just so it's clear: the UFC has no competition.

4. If the traffic on this site is any indication, the ratings for this event are going to be huge. We set all kinds of new records last night, so thank you for coming here and sharing your perspective.

Some further notes on the event after the jump. Put your thoughts in the comments section.

5. Carano is quite talented, but honestly need better competition. With Slice there is little EliteXC could hope for in terms of his talent progression. With Carano, however, she has legitimately improved and now needs a real test. Kobald was tough-ish, but in some cases tailor made for Carano. While Carano's vastly improved takedown defense was a new trick, Kobald's stand-up and wild bullrush style of closing the distance just opened her up over and over again for Carano's overhands and sidesteps. Oh, and Carano needs to be fighting heavier women. Now.

6. The mainstream backlash against Kimbo has already begun. It's hard to imagine a scenario where Slice's loss could've been worse and this loss, fairly or unfairly, is going to legitimize the criticism of every mainstream critic in existence. Just read the tirade here to see what I'm talking about.

7. The commercials of Fedor on CBS are intriguing, but one wonders how much good they'll do. Certainly they can't hurt and were shown enough times to likely spark intrigue, but it's doubtful casual fans will remember who is what between commercials they see now and by the time he fights (likely to be on PPV). Still, though, I never thought I'd see the day.

8. Shields vs. Daley was fantastic and while Daley is terribly underated and possessive of a fantastic sprawl, does anyone believe Shields can hang with Fitch of GSP? Shields reminds me of a much better version of Matt Hughes in some ways. He lords his wrestling and submission prowess over opposition while using his stand-up as nothing more than a conduit for his real strengths. That simply won't work against fighters who can stop his takedown and make him fight on the feet.

9. So, I guess Shamrock actually had a chance after all, huh?

10. Far be it from me to step into family matters, but was anyone else off put by Frank Shamrock's contention that Ken had dishonored the Shamrock name? I agree it's hard to understand why a pioneer of the sport made the amateurish mistake of sparring so near fight time, but it seems awfully harsh for Frank to announce such disappointment in such a public setting.

11. Slice may have another big fight left for him. With Shamrock exiting the way he did and Slice losing the way he did, there can now be a "redemption" match of sorts if EliteXC still wants it. But it's hard to say how likely that is. We need to watch the fallout unfold before we can say how much damage Slice's loss actually caused.

12. Females need to fight 5 minute rounds. Period.

13. Slice had a real shot at legitimacy here and blew it. A win over Petruzelli wouldn't propel him to amazing heights, but it would've silenced a few crtitics. The tagline had always been that if Slice fought any real MMA professional, he'd lose. It turns out the second he does he lost, but a win over Petruzelli would've really helped Slice's narrative and medium-run prospects. He could've shown his talent was coming along and that while Petruzelli was a UFC washout, Slice was clearly a level above that. A story for Slice in that regard would've been hugely beneficial, but he and his handlers blew it. I'm sure the pressure from EliteXC officials to coax Slice into taking the fight was enormous, but only Slice and his management team have themselves to blame for placing Kimbo as the mantle piece for a promotion. He became too big too fail.

14. Brett Rogers would destroy Slice. Debate. Over.

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