EliteXC: Heat Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock - Live Results Tonight

 EXCPosterMake sure to join me here tonight as I provide live updates and thoughts on the EliteXC: Heat show on CBS.  I'll be taking you through the evening starting with the start of the broadcast at 9:00pm ET.

Kimbo, Shamrock, Gina, Arlovski...it's sure to be an interesting night so spend it here with us.

Update: As Chris Nelson pointed out it sounds like Tito Ortiz may be in the booth for at least one fight tonight:

"Right now EliteXC and myself are in great discussions for the future and working with each other," Ortiz said.

Ortiz made his first appearance in conjunction with EliteXC at Friday's weigh-ins. Although no formal announcement of his presence was made, a buzz quickly filled the room when the 33-year-old was spotted.

Ortiz said tonight's appearance may be far less under the radar.

"I'm here as a guest of EliteXC," Ortiz said. "I'm possibly going to be commentating a fight [tonight]. It's going to be exciting. I can't wait."

Yet another interesting possibility in an evening full of curiosities.

Update 2:  As we posted earlier Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock is officially off as Ken has managed to injure himself hours before the fight.  EXC reps are trying to replace Ken with Seth Petruzelli but Kimbo's people have yet to accept the replacement.  Rock and a hard place here as Seth stands about 1303% better chance of winning than Shamrock did...but if Kimbo doesn't end up taking the fight he looks like a bit of a punk in light of his "anyone, anywhere" talk and reputation.

Update 3:  MMARated is now reporting that Shamrock has left the building after an attempt to get him cleared by a second doctor.  It appears for sure that the main event is officially NOT Shamrock/Slice.  I haven't heard yet if they have locked Petruzelli in as a replacement.

Update 4: From MMARated:

Final Update: Kimbo Slice VS. Seth Petruzelli tonight. 100%

I'll go on record as picking Petruzelli by decision here.

The show is about to start.  Live results after the jump...

The CBS broadcast is starting.  They're showing the press conference footage but they are confirming that Seth Petruzelli is the official opponent for Kimbo tonight.  Shamrock's cut does look like it is in a bad spot and took 6 stitches to close up.  I can see why they wouldn't let him fight in all honesty.

The doctors are being talked to as well and telling the same story.  Sometimes when you overexplain the obvious it starts to seem fishy.  I'm not doubting the cut as you can see it clearly and it does look bad, I'm just saying EXC should have shown the cut, talked to Ken and called it a day.

Frank is calling out Ken for being dumb enough to train "hard" the night before a big fight and putting the "Shamrock Legacy" in jeopardy.

Benji Radach vs. Murilo "Ninja" Rua - Benji Radach is still a practitioner of "Facesmashing Fu" which...is uncool.  But I like the dude.  Round 1 - Benji pushes foraward and lands some heavy shots and every one is hurting Ninja.  Rua is throwing back but he is getting dominated.  Radach is gassing a bit.  They both land a shot and both go down.  Ninja is on top as Radach uses the cage to get back to his feet. Ninja is bleeting from his left eye.  Benji's punches are becoming more and more "arm punchy."  They go to the ground and Benji is on top.  Ninja with elbows from the bottom.  Ninja is looking for a heel hook but Benji escapes.  They go back to the leg game and Rua looks for a heel hook again but again Benji escapes.  Rua is looking for the takedown any time it goes back to standing as Radach was outclassing him standing.  10-9 round for Radach as the bell rings.  Ninja recovered well but Benji won the round big early on.  Round 2 - Rua is landing some clean shots early including knees to the body.  Radach really looks winded so Rua attacking the body is very smart.  Huge right from Benji!  Wow!  Ninja's chin looks good considering his history.  Ninja locks him up and is looking for a takedown with a single but Benji keeps it up.  Left hand drops Rua and a few shots to the prone Ninja force the ref to jump in.  Great fight, simply perfect fight for television.  Benji Radach wins by TKO (ref stoppage - punches) Round 2.  Seriously, that was a brawl that was NOT just sloppy boxing.  The punches looped a bit, but it was better than a lot of the "bad boxing wars" that we see in MMA.

They are talking to Gina backstage about getting naked and questioning her conditioning..etc.  "You're not that unusual!  Women WANT to open up a can!"  Good lord that may rival any of the crap quotes that Mauro may throw out there tonight.

Gina Carano vs. Kelly Kobald - Round 1 - Gina with a big overhand right about 3 seconds in.  Kelly looking for a single leg now.  Kelly looks very desperate going for a takedown but doesn't seem to have her composure at the moment. Gina defends but eats a knee and punch in the clinch.  They're throwing and both landing but Gina is landing harder.  Kobald looks like she tired herself out going for techniqueless takedowns.  The ridiculous three minute round rules are about to bring things to a close.  10-9 Gina as she landed the better punches.  Kobald is bleeding badly from a cut that looks to be on her forehead.  Round 2 - Gina is looking to keep distance this round and not get caught inside again.  Big shots for Gina early again.  Kobald with a body lock again and she looks to grab a guillotine, lets go and hits a very crisp right hand.  Kelly is game but she can't let Gina have distance which she has once again.  Left right lands for Gina.  Gina is throwing one or one twos and circling away.  Takedown for Kelly with 20 seconds left.  Good GnP to end the round but Gina still took it on her straight punching when there was distance, it is actually a pretty even round except Gina is doing more damage.  10-9 Gina again.  Round 3 - Kobald races across and is looking for the double again.  Wicked foot stomps from Kobald but she can't finish a the single leg now.  The ref breaks them. Huge knee fro Gina and another.  Kobald is back to looking for the takedown against the cage.  Gina switches to a choke which she didn't have good enough position to finish.  Huge head kick with five seconds left and the bell rings.  10-9 again for Gina on my card and I've got it 30-27 for the fight.  Gina Carano wins by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x2).  Two good fights so far.

Andrei Arlovski vs. Roy Nelson - A guy who weighed in in Dolce&Gabbana underwear against a guy looking to secure a fast food sponsorship.  I love this sport for the bizzare matchups you get.  As my wife said "this is a male version of the last fight"  Round 1 -Tito gets his first camera time at cageside before the opening bell.  Nelson loos so short in with Arlovski.  Hard low kicks early by Andrei before Nelson is able to get a body lock.  Andrei with a trip but Nelson reverses and passes to side control.  Nelson is looking for an armlock and they end up in north/south.  It's more or less a grappling match at this point.  Kimura setup by Nelson.  Bad standup by the ref when Nelson let go of the kimura.  Nelson quickly closes distance again.  Big knee to the head by Arlovski.  Roy is still looking for the takedown.  Crowd is getting restless with Nelson's "hold 'em against the cage" gameplan.  They are separated again.  Great leg kick by Andrei sets up a left hand. Lead right lands for Arlocksi and a few more leg kicks.  Again they're locked up against the cage.  Nelson's mouth couldn't be more open at this point.  Nelson lost the round at the end there when Arlovski was able to land some serious leg kicks and punches.  Damage trumps a takedown with no real damage.  10-9 Arlovski on my card.  Round 2 - Two right hands for Arlovski and then Nelson sends him stumbling back with a left hand and follwos in with a body lock.  Nelson needs to look to do some damage at some point only landed 1 punch in the first round.  Arlovski is starting to land at will now and Nelson is very gassed.  Arlovski is headhunting now...Big right hand drops Nelson and it's all over.  Nelson is complaining, but he went down in a heap.  It was a fine stoppage honestly, he went down face first from a right hand and then slowly rolled to his side, no ref is going to let that go.  Andrei Arlovski wins by KO (Punch) Round 2.

Jake Shields vs. Paul Daley - I'm excited for this one.  It's going to be explosive. Round 1 - Shields looks for a high kick, Daley fends off a takedown.  Hard low kick by Daley.  Jab to the body by Semtex which is why I'm such a fan.  He strikes like a "real striker."  Very nice ankle pick by Shields.  Passes to side control, back to guard, passes to side again and then to full mount.  Shields is working body and head from the mount.  This is very one sided at this point and Shields decides to go back to side control, then back to mount.  Under a minute to go now.  Shields is looking for an armbar but can't finish because of the cage.  Goes for it again and ends up on his back under Daley who starts firing big elbows. The round ends and Daley was able to save himself from losing a two point round with the elbows at the end there.  10-9 Shields.  Round 2 -  Head kick from Daley.  Shields throwing punches with bad technique and eats some counters because of it.  Daley stuffs a takedown with a good sprawl.  Another sprawl and Shields looks tired.  Body lock against the cage and Shields gets a takedown into mount.  Going for an armbar again but he gives up.  Daley looks like he refuses to use the cage to try to get up...instead he is just eating elbow.  Shields grabs the armbar again and this time he locks it deep.  Daley tries to fight but has to tap.  Jake Shields retains the EXC Welterweight Championship by submission (armbar) Round 2.

No shocker here...but it is 10:50pm ET.  They're very obviously going to run over their 2 hours.  Wonder how the affiliates will feel about it this time around.  They're even taking the time to show some clips of the Cyborg fight from earlier.

Something about the way that Slice's entourage having to hype him up so much before he comes out and his attitude when interviewed backstage just smacks of someone battling a degree of insecurity in my eyes.  Huge misstatement by Gus Johnson who says "you never see this in boxing where someone gets hurt and someone else steps in and you just fight anyways."  Yes Gus.  You absolutely do see that on occasion in boxing.

Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson vs. Seth "The Silverback" Petruzelli - Round 1 - Kimbo refuses to touch gloves at the ref instructions.  SLICE IS HURT!  10 SECONDS AND IT'S DONE! OH MY GOD!  WOW!  KIMBO WAS SHOOTING ON THE REF A GOOD 10 SECONDS LATER HE WAS SO HURT!  Seth stunned him and then dropped BOMBS once Kimbo went down.  Seth Petruzelli wins by KO (Punches) Round 1 (10 seconds).  Front kick, right hand.  The right dropped Kimbo and then Seth pounded him out with right hand after right hand.  Seth is making excuses for Kimbo.  Kimbo, to his credit, does not make excuses.  He just says show the fighters some love, the after party is still on...and then leaves mid interview.

Someone else pointed it out in the comments so I rewound and watched.  Jared Shaw was screaming at the cage when Kimbo was getting pounded out.  It looked like someone who bet his life savings on one horse screaming at a jockey.  I wonder if it was directed at Kimbo "get up!" or the ref "don't stop it!"  Actually.  Looking a little further at a different angle it is clear that he seemed to be yelling at the ref after the stopage also...so I'm not sayin' I'm just sayin' that Shaw seemed upset that the fight was stopped as kimbo ate a LOT of unanswered shots.  But maybe I'm wrong.

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