Anthony Johnson on Kevin Burns, Steve Mazzagatti

Fronted by Luke Thomas.


Fighthype has an article up with Anthony Johnson in which he discusses his upcoming, and controversial previous, fight with Kevin Burns.

On the previous fight eye pokage outcome:

I was very surprised that they didn't overturn it. I don't know what they were thinking for not overturning it. If I was on steroids or some kind of illegal supplements or something like that, they would have been all over it, but the fact that I had surgery and my vision is clear and I didn't lose my eye, they're fine with that. Nothing seriously really happened. If I would've lost my vision, they would would've made something happen, but right now, they’re not worrying about nothing. They're trying to catch people that's on illegal stuff. They are thinking this is part of the sport and you get hurt like that, but it's more than just a sport. This is my life; this is my career. If something like that would've happened to Chuck Liddel, I guarantee you they would've been all over it, but it's me and, not saying that I'm a nobody, but you know what I'm saying. It is what it is and I'm not tripping.

When asked if he would pull a Brock and demand that Steve Mazzagatti not referee his upcoming fight, he proved that real men don't cry:

I don't blame Steve for anything. Yeah, I wish he would've said something sooner from the four previous times he poked me in the eye. He said something once, but Steve was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was on my left and I was blocking with my left so my arm was up because I was blocking and he just didn't see it. It's not Steve's fault. He called what he thought he saw. He thought he saw me get caught with that uppercut. I'm sure if I was the ref, I would've made the same call. Once he saw that on the replay that I never got hit with that uppercut, he apologized. Steve felt really bad. A lot of people don't know, but I saw him at an event and he apologized to me, man. I told him it wasn't his fault. He was just in the wrong place to make the correct call. I told him I was not mad at him because I probably would've made the same call that he made. Steve did his job; it was just the wrong call because has in the wrong place at the wrong time. Much props to damn Steve man. I'm not hating on the man at all. If he was picked to ref my fight again, I'll let him do it. I'm not tripping, you know?

On the upcoming rematch:

A lot of people were telling me they wouldn't rematch him again thinking he may poke me in the eye again. I've already talked to my people. If the shit goes down this time and he pokes me in my eye just one time, then just go ahead and stop the fight. It ain't even worth it. If that shit goes down and he pokes me in the eye again, then obviously it's meant for real. He's supposedly had surgery on his hand and now he could make a closed fist, so I shouldn't have anything to worry about if he had the surgery and can close his hand and that's it.

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