What's all the fuss about: UFC 90

I actually watched UFC 90 late, and had already read and heard many critical comments about how disappointing a show it was. Naturally, after I had watched it, I was surprised to see that UFC 90 was just like any other UFC I had watched recently. In fact, it was actually more entertaining than many recent shows in the sense that the match ups were all fairly interesting across the board:

Sherk vs. Griffin

I've always said that when you put two PURE wrestlers in the cage together, the fight is usually pretty good. This fight showed that. I find 'baby glove boxing' to be extremely entertaining and that is exactly what this fight was. I will admit, however, that this is not MMA and I really would rather not see an entire fight card with these kind of bouts. By this I simply mean that neither of these guys have what it takes to FINISH a fight. And to finish a fight is what MMA is really all about. They don't have the power to KO nor the skill to submit -- an entertaining fight none the less.

Dos Santos vs. Werdum

Dos Santos is BETTER than Werdum. It is as simple as that. Werdum had his chance to take it to the ground and Dos Santos shook Werdum off like the fat, lazy, slob he looked. 9 out of 10 times Dos Santos wins that fight.

Clementi vs. Maynard

I hate these kinds of fights. I feel the same way about this one that I felt about Danzig/Guida.  I have no interest in seeing Maynard fight again. I would like to see Clementi fight Danzig -- that would be an interesting fight. Maynard vs. Guida might not be a bad one either.

Alvez vs. Koschek

This was the most interesting fight of the night. Kos is such a smart fighter and it was a shame to see him go into this fight with the wrong game plan -- and by the time he made the correct adjustments, it was too late. Koschek should have went into this fight the same way he went into the Sanchez fight: keep your distance, use your speed, avoid damage. Instead he went into this fight like he fought Lyttle: shoot in, take him down, do damage, repeat. You can't fight like that against an enormous beast in Thiago. I really would like to see Thiago fight Sanchez. Sanchez is much better in close than Kos is. Sanchez would be a tougher fight for Alvez. Neither are ready for GSP so we might as well watch them fight first.

Cote vs. Silva

I really don't understand all the criticism of either Cote or Silva. And I was actually impressed with Cote. Does he have any chance of beating Silva -- No! But he did frustrate Silva and he has one hell of a chin. It was the chin that was most frustrating for Silva, in my opinion.  I mean, we have always seen Silva measure up his opponent before going in for the kill. Because Cote was fighting so defensively, it took a while for Silva to find the opening, and then when he finally found it, Cote's chin proved strong. I really want to see Silva fight a grappler -- Silva is the best striker in the 185 and 205 divisions.  The most telling part of Silva/Cote was in the second round when Cote desperately tried to take it to the ground.

This was a standard UFC card, and we actually learned quite a bit about some of the UFC fighters. I knew very little about Alves, and now I feel I know a lot. I still wonder how his BJJ is -- Sanchez will be able to show us that. We learned that Werdum is overrated and that Dos Santos is hungry. We were able to confirm our belief that wresters with no submissions should only be allowed to fight other wrestler. This wasn't a bad card!

 Until next month.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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