What is next for Silva? Alves? Sherk?


Before the fight with Patrick Cote, there has been rumors about Anderson Silva jumping back up to fight a 205 pounder. Since Anderson Silva won his bout over Patrick Cote, it is safe to say that the UFC would perfer him to jump back up to 205 untill they can figure out who the true contender is for Anderson Silva. I believe that with the Light Heavyweight division being a mess right now, with Griffin/Evans, Machida/Silva, and Rampage/Silva all fighting within December/Jan, that leaves Anderson without a top 4 fighter. Now, Anderson Silva could more than likely return for the UFC 94: BJ Penn vs. GSP, or he could return to Columbus for UFC 95 or 96. But who would he fight? In my eyes there is only 2 people that he could fight that would be mainstream for the fans and that would be a money making fight.

1.) Keith Jardine

- Jardine has wins over Forrest Griffin, Chuck Liddell and Brandon Vera.

His weird style could propose problems for Anderson Silva if the gameplan is correct. He is a big name and with a win over Anderson Silva, Keith Jardine could finally call himself the number 1 contender in LHW division, once again knocking Lyoto Machida off that pedelstool.

2.) Chuck Liddell

In all honesty, I do not want to see this fight what so ever. I think Chuck Liddell would go in there and get caught, but yet I think Chuck would do better because he would not have to worry about Anderson Silva trying to go in there and wrestling him, and this fight would be a stand up battle. This is a huge money making fight, but this could be the final nail in the coffin of Chuck Liddell.

3.) Luiz Cane

I dont know if Cane can carry a fight with Anderson Silva. While I think Luiz Cane would actually be a really good fight against Anderson Silva, I just do not know if the UFC would want a Cane vs. Silva match-up as either a headliner or a co main-event on a PPV.

In all honesty who else is there that Anderson Silva could fight that would make money and attract viewers? Matt Hamill, Tim Boetsch, Brandon Vera, Sokodjou would all make fun fights, but is that something Anderson Silva really needs? To defeat a B level fighter that makes no sense for him to take other than pure destruction.

If he decides to stay at 185, who does he fight there? I think  Thales Leites deserves a shot over Nathan Marquardt if a rematch is not granted, considering he did defeat him at UFC 85. I believe Thales Leites vs. Nathan Marquardt II needs to happen to determine the true guy to "challenge" Anderson Silva at 185.

Also if Demian Maia can defeat Nathan Quarry, where does he go from there? Does he fight Reljic? But still one or two fights away from becoming a challenger. Anderson Silva should go back to 205 to let 185 air out.

Thiago Alves

Does he get the title shot? Or does he have to fight Diego Sanchez? This is the question.

Diego Sanchez is on a 2 fight winning streak (Thanks Nate for pointing that out), which might actually be the 2nd longest streak considering Karo, Koscheck, Fitch, Hughes and Serra have all lost their last fight. I think Fitch vs. Alves II could happen, but that would be foolish. Thiago Alves has done everything correctly to get his title shot.

Sean Sherk

The Former UFC Lightweight Champion has to work his way back up just like everybody. He stated after his fight against Tyson that he would like a shot against KenFlo/Joe Daddy winner. I would agree with Joe Daddy if he pulls off a victory over KenFlo. But if KenFlo wins, KenFlo should not have to fight another fighter unless it is BJ Penn at 155. If Joe Daddy loses, I believe that Sean Sherk should fight either Clay Guida, Gray Maynard or Nate Diaz. I think Clay Guida vs. Gray Maynard should be on tap, leaving Nate Diaz without an opponent. A victory over Nate would get Sherk the right to fight KenFlo/BJ Penn Winner if KenFlo was to win.

So I put all my hope into the hands of Joe Silva, and I hope he makes the best fights available.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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