UFC 90 Sunday Morning Musings...

Ok, so the train derailed last night. I won't go so far as to say this was a bad card, but the main event always leaves a lasting impression, and this one wasn't good. UFC has put on some great shows this year, and I can live with the quality of 90, in that respect.

-Silva. I have called for him to retire, but that is just me being a selfish fan. I actually don't want him to even consider it. I do want him to come in and be the pro that he is, and destroy subpar competition. Cote was out of his league and should have been finished early in this fight. Some have called Silva cautious, but in reality, he was bored, clowning and trying to put in a show. He failed. MMA has room for flamboyant, flashy stars, but the respectful, professional is always appreciated.

-Cote. I like Cote, but he is what he is, a very solid, but not contending, fighter. Hanging your hat on getting to the 3rd round with Silva, is not something to brag about. You did absolutely nothing to Silva. Go rehab, keep training hard and get back at it. While I don't see him ever being champ, if Silva is gone to 205 or retires, there isn't any one I wouldn't at least give him a slugger's chance against.

-Alves. What a great fight it would be against GSP. Two large WWs getting after it. I think  we need to see Alves destroy Diego, while GSP battles BJ. Then, whether GSP wins or loses, Alves vs GSP. I do think GSP's superior technical striking, will help keep Alves at a distance and make for a very interesting fight.

-Koscheck. Great athlete with amazing recovery. I expect him to improve every time out, and even in a battering loss, he showed a lot of good things.

-Maynard. Many people think he is the next great LW. I think he almost bored me to death last night.

-Sherk. Not sure if he won, but what a great fight. Two guys whose ground game cancelled the other's out, resulting in 15 minutes of slugging it out. Damn, the LW's are deep and muddled, lol.

-Griffin. See Sherk.

-Werdum. Damn! You just knew this was going to happen. I really wanted Fabricio to be the HW tournament spoiler, but we can forget that for a while.

-Dos Santos. I think this guy maaayyyyyy have some striking power. I'm not going crazy about him, but lets see him vs Kongo.

-Franca/Maximus. Where was the most intriguing match of the night? Why do we not see this fight (or Miller/Horowich) instead of McFedries getting choked and 20 minutes of Rogan and Goldy? This was a perfect opportunity to make up for the main event, and instead they only made it worse.

-Rogan and Goldy. Please shut up. These guys are really starting to grate on me. Please stop describing a turd like it is a bar of gold. Just tell us like it is, we can handle it.


High points...Rachelle Leah, Chicago, Sherk and Griffin and Kos and Alves, oh my.

Low points...main event, Maynard and Clementi, lackluster card to an extent.


If 89 and 90 were combined, we would have a very nice card. is the UFC getting diluted? Or was it just a hiccup in scheduling/match making?


The answer? UFC 91. If this card lives up to its potential, we will forget the low points of the last two weekends.

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