UFC 90 Anderson Silva vs. Patrick Cote Live Results Tonight

As with every major event BloodyElbow.com will be here to provide live results, updates and commentary on tonight's UFC 90 PPV.  As always I do request that you leave any discussion of undercard fights out of the comments section until the event ends or they are shown on the broadcast, this is just to prevent spoilers for those who go out of their way to avoid them.

Please contribute your thoughts during the broadcast in our comments section.

Anderson Silva, Patrick Cote, Josh Koscheck, Thiago Alves..it's going to be a great night and I hope you all make BloodyElbow.com your home for the event.

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9:51pm and we're 9 minutes from the start of the show and I am stoked.  Remeber to check in at the start of the show and stick with us til it ends.

It's 10:00pm EST and the show has started.  Keep throwing your thoughts in the comments for what should be a great show.

Every PPV I hope that it is the end of the awful theme song and gladiator entrance.  But every PPV I am disappointed.

Sean Sherk vs. Tyson Griffin - Is up first and could absolutely be the fight of the night.  Tyson Griffin comes out to Eye of the Tiger and it is somewhere between awesome and lame...nevermind he is singing the lyrics..it's a win.  Sherk comes out to the Jaws/generic metal mix...which kind of...is lame.  Round 1 - Griffin lands a quick combo early but Sherk pushes through to get a takedown.  Quickly Griffin gives up his back and Sherk gets his hooks in.  Shakes him off though and they're back to standing.  Sherk is countering, but Griffin lands a decent leg kick.  Right hand/uppercut combo lands for Sherk.  Another ankle pick takedown for Sherk and it isn't taking a lot of effort to get the takedown.  Sherk's nose is bleeding and Griffin gets back to his feet.  As Sherk continues to look for the takedown he is getting peppered by short punches.Right hand lands solid for Griffin as they break.  Nice short punches land for Griffin and then the fighters trade leg kicks.  So far Griffin is winning the striking exchanges but it looks to me like Sherk is getting a bit more comfortable.  Griffin shoots but it is stuffed easily and Griffin is breathing with his mouth open and looks a bit tired.  Sherk takes his back again but gives it up.Uppercut lands for Griffin.  Great exchange as both guys land solid punches but a left hook from Griffin was the most meaningful punch.  They trade big shots again at the end of the round.  You either score it for Sherk on the takedowns/taking the back or Griffin for the cleaner striking.  My scorecard goes to Griffin 10-9.  Round 2 - Body kick from Griffin is met with a punch from Sherk.  Sherk follows behind the punch with a takedown but Griffin bounces right back up.  They're punching from distance (if you can call two short guys standing at arms length "distance) and again Griffin looks to be winning the exchanges.  Sherk with a very hard combination that lands well.  Five punch combo from Sherk and a few seconds later he throws a leg kick.  Double jab lands for Sherk.  Griffin is landing hard leg kicks but Sherk is throwing hard punches as counters.  Leg kick missed from Tyson and he took a long time to pull his leg back, he is getting gassed here.  Griffin lands some great punches after eating a few from Sherk. Strike output from Griffin is dropping.  Hard round to score but I think I'd give it to Sherk 10-9 for an even fight at 19-19.  Round 3 - Griffin rocks Sherk early but Sherk counters as Tyson tries to flurry.  Both of these guys deserve a lot of credit for their striking.  this is not the "by the numbers boxing" that everyone claims we get from these two.  Griffin with a leg kick, so Sherk returns with one of his own.  Four punch combo (2 land) from Sherk.  Two minutes left and Sherk's output is higher than Griffin's.  If Sherk can get a takedown here he may be able to cement the fight.  They're still exchanging punches with a minute to go.  Griffin is throwing some big shots but they aren't aldnding and Sherk is landing counters.  10-9 Sherk on my card and I've got it 29-28 for Sherk.  Official Scorecards: 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 all for Sean Sherk.  Sean Sherk wins by unanimous decision.

Fabricio Werdum vs. Junior Dos Santos - This should be interesting.  It's a situation where one guy has a LOT and the other has NOTHING to lose.  Round 1 - Santos is pushing his punches to start, there isn't a ton of snap on them which does not bode well.  Nevermind...Santos just knocked Werdum out with a HUGE shot.  Like I said in the predictions...this doesn't shock me.  But it still really messes up Werdum's career.  Junior Dos Santos wins by Knock Out (punch) Round 1.

Rich Clementi vs. Gray Maynard - Round 1 - 30 seconds go by before they engage and neither guy lands.  Past a minute and they're still not really engaging a lot or landing when they do.  One short left from Clementi lands and so does a leg kick.  The boos start and Maynard lands a right hand.  Halfway through the round and there hasn't been a lot to write about.  Right hand lands as a counter for Rich.  Maynard finally goes for the takedown and gets it with 1:30 left in the round.  Clementi is controling Maynard with his half guard and avoiding damage.  Right before the end of the round Maynard is able to land a few elbows and punches.  10-9 for Maynard off the takedown. Round 2 - Maynard lands a few glancing punches early on...then a solid right hand.  Maynard looks for a takedown and gets a nice slam double leg into half guard.  Clementi uses a guillotine attempt from Mayard to get back to standing but Gray takes him right back down.  Clementi is now looking for some subs which Gray is able to avoid.  Some decent ground work from bottom by Clementi but he is not going to win the round by just looking for sweeps.  10-9 Maynard again and the crowd is booing (after 2 previous action fights...that isn't shocking).  Round 3 - Quick takedown for Maynard and Clementi NEEDS a stoppage to win in my eyes.  Very active work on the ground and the ref is warning them to "go and do something" which pisses Rogan off...and me as well.  Back to the ground and immediately the ref is on them to "go" again.  As Maynard is punching the ref continues with "lets go." I'm sorry if I'm focusing on this too much but this is becoming a horrible trend in the sport.  They go back to standing and then there is an immediate takedown from Maynard and the second they land "lets go guys..let's go let's go" from the ref.  Just awful.  Clementi reverses and takes Maynards back for a second but they go back to standing and Gray gets a quick takedown only to be warned right away to "not just lay there."  Not the most thrilling fight but interesting and they have been active on the ground.  10-9 round for Maynard again and I have it 30-27.  Official Scorecards; 30-27 across the board.  Gray Maynard wins by unanimous decision.

Josh Koscheck vs. Thiago Alves: Round 1 - Feeling out things early for both men.  Left hands hurts Kos and Thiabo follows up with big shots!  Head kick lands and Kos tries to shoot but it's stuffed.  Kos is getting his legs back a little bit.  Josh has some snap on his punches again and looks better but he eats a glancing high kick.  Nice combo with a sharp right hand landing now for Koscheck.  Right hand again fro Kos and some good body work.  Koscheck is now looking for a takedown but very good defense from Alves.  The round ends and it was very impressive that Koscheck was able to survive early and start doing some work of his own.  10-9 Alves for the damage.  Round 2 - Thiago is still aggressive but Kos throws a head kick that is blocked.  Catches a kick from Alves and counters with a punch.  Good knee to the body by Koscheck.  Good leg kick from Alves.  Good uppercut from Alves.  His leg kicks are beautiful.  Shot attempt behind a jab but Alves is continuing to fight it off.  Guess what the ref wants them to do in this quite action filled fight?  He wants them to work and do something.  Kos gets a body lock but Alves has an underhook.  Closer round than the first but still one for Alves 10-9 (20-18 total) Round 3 - Leg kick followed by a big knee lands for Alves and Kos is hurt.  But again he survives, impressive recovery showing from Koscheck.  Another takedown i fended off.  Alves poked Kos in the eye and there is a break in the action.  Another couple big leg kicks by Alves and he is cementing this fight on the cards.  Now Alves catches a finger in the eye from Koscheck and action starts again.  Huge leg kick hurts Koscheck badly.  A few more leg kicks land for Alves and so does an uppercut.  Koscheck relaxes as the round ends but Alves takes him down and luckilly the ref jumped in to prevent any post-bell violence.  10-9 again for Alves and I've got it 30-27.  Thiago Alves wins by unanimous decision.  I would say that it was more interesting to watch Alves go 15 minutes against a top level guy like Koscheck and dominate almost every minute with striking and takedown defense.

UFC Middleweight Championship - Anderson Silva vs. Patrick Cote - Round 1 - Cote with a low kick to start off and some decent trunk movement.  More low kicks from Cote.  Silva taking a minute to get into the flow.  Silva jobs around the ring for a second.  Two minutes in and Silva has yet to really throw a meaningful strike.  Some low kicks from Silva now and they're solid.  Still not a ton of action and they're losing what was a very excited crowd.  Nice kick lands to the face of Cote.  Big knee and some follow up shots.  Cote is bleeding from the forehead.  Not a very exciting first round and the crowd boos.  10-9 Silva for damage.  Round 2 - Left hand lands SOLID for Silva.  Cote with a spinning backfist and Anderson grabs a body lock against the fence.  Body kick lands for Silva.  Silva avoids a charge from Cote and takes him down.  Armbar attempt by Cote but easilly avoided.  Anderson tries to give Cote his hand to help him up but Cote waits for Herb Dean to step in.  I don't really like the lack of offense from Silva just because I don't like him allowing Cote to hang around, but it is strategy and you can't fault him I suppose.  Crowd boos are picking up.  Cote is catching Silva's leg kicks now and is looking for a takedown but Anderson avoids.  Anderson with some classic knees to the body from the clinch and that was probably enough to win him the round.  10-9 Silva (20-18 total)  Round 3 - Cote misses with an overhand right but lands a leg kick.  Cote went for a kick and blew his knee out.  Wow...what an end.  He winced earlier in the fight and was shaking his leg out.  That looks like a blown ACL.  You can see the bone pop in the replay.  Very unfortunate for Cote and a very bad main event for the first Chicago trip.  Anderson Silva wins by TKO (Injury) Round 3. 

Drew McFedries vs. Thales Leites - Hot, sweaty, undercard action. Round 1 - Uppercut from McFedries hurt Leites but he does manage to get the takedown afterward.  Quickly Leites takes Drew's back.  And the RNC is sunk and Drew has to tap out. Thales Leites wins by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) round 1.

Well...a very good night of fights, and a very poor ending to the main event which was already not nearly as great as Rogan and Goldberg are pretending it was.  Simply going to the third round does not make it "great."  At the end of the broadcast Rogan does confirm that the beard is an "Evan Tanner tribute beard."

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