UFC 89 Complete Results, Bonuses and Payouts, Bisping vs Leben, Jardine vs Vera, Cane vs Soukodjou

Bisping vs LebenMicheal Bisping d. Chris Leben (Unanimous Decision)
Keith Jardine d. Brandon Vera (Split Decision)
Luis Cane d. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou (TKO 4:15 2nd Round)  
Chris Lytle d. Paul Taylor (Unanimous Decision)
Marcus Davis d.  Paul Kelly (Submission 2:16 2nd Round)
Dan Hardy d.  Akihiro Gono (Split Decision)
Shane Carwin d. Neil Wain (TKO 1:31 1st Round)
David Bielkheden d.  Jess Liaudin (Unanimous Decision)
Terry Etim d.  Sam Stout(Unanimous Decision)
Jim Miller d. David Baron (Submission 3:19 3rd Round)
Per Eklund d. Samy Schiavo (Submission 1:47 3rd Round)



BONUSES -- $40,000 Each

Knockout of the Night — Luis Cane
Submission of the Night – Jim Miller
Fight of the Night — Chris Lytle vs. Paul Taylor

Notes about the event

Decisions Decisions At least Bisping over Leben was a clear cut choice, the inconclusive nature of the Jardine/Vera fight left me hanging as a fan, disappointed by both fighters performances. Nevertheless, its not a prime UFC when the two headlining fights go to the judges (unless its a total war ala Liddell/Silva).

So much for Sokoudjou Or "SokoIdontusemyjudo" as he's been named by BloodyElbow poster KneesnBows. He threw everything he had at Luis Cane, landing some very hard shots but hardly managed to back Cane up. I'd say the Sokoudjou hype train has left the station. IMO he needs to find a new camp, one that will help him apply his judo skills to MMA. His brawling style would be so much more effective if opponents had to be worried about getting thrown too. Maybe we should take up a collection and buy Sok a copy of Karo Parisyan's Judo for Mixed Martial Arts.

Cane let me down too I was hoping for some more outrageously unsportsmanlike antics from Cane. The guy had been building a reputation as a true heel, an increasing rarity in the sport but now I guess he wants to be a nice guy like everyone else. Either that or he genuinely respects Sokoudjou in a way he didn't respect Lambert or Irvin.

Greg Jackson strikes again From my vantage point it looked like Greg Jackson put together a great game plan for Jardine. Taking a page out of GSP's book (or Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva), Jardine surprised Vera with an early take down that seemed to take Vera out of his game. This was the second time in two weeks that Jackson has come out ahead of come at Team Lloyd Irvin with a clever and unexpected game plan. This time his fighter did enough to convince two judges, unlike the UWC where Irvin's man convinced two of his home town judges.

Lytle vs Davis, Battle of the UFC Gatekeepers Talk about a fight that needs to happen. Paul Taylor hung much tougher against Lytle than Kelly did against Davis, but I still find a Lytle/Davis matchup intriguing. The winner could get one last shot at contention while the loser can stick around beating UK fighters as long as he wants.

Shane Carwin, Jim Miller rumbing from the undercard In an undercard otherwise stuffed with euro-fighters who won't be fighting top competition anytime soon, heavyweight Shane Carwin and lightweight Jim Miller impressed. Carwin destroyed Brit brawler Neil Wain and IFL vet Jim Miller beat the internationally known David Baron what sounds like a tough match. I expect both of these guys to be on contender tracks in 2009.

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