UFC 89 Live Results Tonight: Chris Leben vs. Michael Bisping


Join us tonight for "live results" of UFC 89.  As I'm not in England we will only be providing results during the Spike TV broadcast.  So not exactly live, but the best we can offer.  For the sake of avoiding any sort of "spoilers" and ruining the show for anyone DO NOT POST SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS HERE!

If you want to discuss results before the Spike TV broadcast then there will be a live spoiler post up come fight time.  Just keep any of those spoilers out of this comment section.

Make Bloody Elbow your home tonight for live thoughts and results from the Spike TV broadcast.  And make sure that you share your thoughts in the comments section as the show goes down.

The US broadcast is getting underway, the first fight will be up shortly and I'm stoked.

Marcus Davis vs. Paul Kelly - Is leading off the broadcast.  Round 1 - Davis is the aggressor early as Kelly is going backwards.  Uppercut/straight combo lands well for Marcus.  Kelly's hands are noticably slower here.  Rogan is talking about how the jab is so sadly underused in MMA which makes me happy as I've been saying it for about 7 years now.  Great body kick from Davis.  Crowd is booing a little bit but Kelly seems very unsure about engaging.  Sweep takedown by Davis behind a punch and he is in half guard.  A few nice short left elbows land and Davis uses it to move to side control.  Sloppy mount attempt allows Kelly to escape and they're back to standing.  Kelly misses a head kick as the round ends.  Not much successful for Kelly in round 1.  10-9 for Davis on the BE scorecard.  Round 2 - Kelly is starting to throw now and Davis just avoids and lands a shot or two to win the exchange.  Davis has beautiful head movement that gets overlooked a lot because it isn't flashy, it is just a small move out of the way.  He does pull back straight with his chin up at times though but Kelly doesn't look quick enough to catch him.  Kelly with an explosive double.  Davis locks up the guillotine and Kelly is forced to tap.  Very nice showing for Davis as he nullified everything Kelly tried to do, and ends the fight after Davis' best moment in the takedown.  Marcus Davis wins by submission (Guillotine Choke) round 2.

Paul Taylor vs. Chris Lytle - This should be an interesting one, I think we'll see a very entertaining fight.  Round 1 - They're banging early and Lytle is landing some great shots but Taylor lands a crisp uppercut.  This is a war early.  Lytle with a hook to the body and follows it with a left hand to the head.  Nice throw from Lytle but Taylor bounces back to his feet.  They've stopped standing and trading and are now working position against the cage.  They separate and Taylor lands an elbow.  Lytle looks a little bit wide with his shots here which let Taylor land a few shorter punches in the exchange after they got off the fence.  Lytle has gone back to the body a few times and is landing crisply.   45 seconds left and the winner of this time probably wins this very close round.  Nice right hand by Taylor caught Chris' attention.  VERY close round but my scorecard is at 10-9 Taylor right now.  Round 2 - Taylor is throwing coming out and Lytle is returning.  Lytle land s a few hard shots in the exchange, Taylor landed a couple shots too but Lytle's were harder.  Now Lytle with the takedown to half guard.  Taylor tries to reverse but Lytle hangs on.  Lytle is looking for a guillotine but Taylor is able to get back to standing.  More body shots from Chris and they look like they're starting to bother Taylor.  More work along the fence.  Lytle looks a bit gassed, but he is still throwing big shots.  Taylor is starting to work leg kicks but catches Lytle low with one and the action is halted so Lytle can recover.  They resume and are right back to throwing shots.  Lytle's corner says to get a takedown and he tries but Taylor stops it.  The round is going to end and it was close again.  I'm going to go ahead and give that round to Lytle putting the scorecard at 19-19.  Round 3 - Lytle is on tired legs and it's letting Taylor control the action when they're separated now. More body shots hurt Taylor and open up the head.  Lytle with some great shots to Taylor's chin, then goes right back to the body.  This body work is great.  Lytle looks VERY gassed now though.  Taylor is now throwing combos and trying to keep distance.  A few decent shots land for Taylor but Lytle gets him back against the fence.  Two minutes left and right now I'd have to give the round to Lytle but there is a lot of time left.  Restart by the ref and the distance is there for Taylor to exploit again.  Lytle looking for a takedown and he gets it.  If he can do a little work he can wrap this fight up (on my card a least)  but Taylor gets back to his feet with slightly less than a minute left.  Taylor with a shot with 25 seconds left that has Lytle going backward.  A few more big shots land for Taylor...and the fight ends. Great fight.  I gave a close third round to Lytle to give him the fight 29-28, but I could see it going any other way easy (especially considering the possibility of some home cooking).  Official Scorecards: 29-28, 30-27, 29-28 all for Chris Lytle.  Chris Lytle wins by unanimous decision.

They're doing an interview with Joe Rogan and Anderson Silva.  Not a whole lot of depth to it really.  Just shallow "what do you think about Cote?" questions and "he is tough" answers.

Rameau Sokoudjou vs. Luiz Cane - Soko vs. Cane should be straight up explosive.  Round 1 - They're both tenative coming out.  Hard leg kick by Soko and a great body kick also.  Body punch by Cane.  Soko is the aggressor here.  Left hand by Cane lands as does a body kick.  Cane is doing a good job of blocking the shots Soko is throwing but they still look good to the judges.  Soko is winning the round here.  Body kick and a body shot by Soko.  Cane is working on something but he needs to get going here.  1-2 for Cane lands.  Soko's mouth is open, he is breathing hard and the workrate is dropping.  Nice knee from Cane.  He is starting to press now.  He rode out the storm and is now looking like he wants to bust him up a bit.  Nice left hand counter by Cane.  He lost the round but long term this may have been a good thing for Cane as Soko looks gassed.  10-9 Soko.  Round 2 - Right away Cane is coming forward and Soko is against the fence.  Low blow from Cane and the action stops.  This is giving Soko even more time to recover, which is not a good thing for Luiz.  They restart and Soko is bouncing a little bit more now but he gets walked down by Cane again.  Soko's back is to the cage now but he lands a punch to get back toward the center.  Body kick from Soko.  Cane is not looking like he wants to take full advantage of Soko's gas issues.  Nevermind, punch, knee, punch from Cane.  Left hand lands now and he is starting to pick Soko apart a little bit.  Knee lands and droves Soko back.  Left hand hurts Soko and he is dropped.  He takes about 20 shots when down without fighting back before the ref steps in to save him.  Luiz Cane wins by TKO (strikes) Round 2.

Keith Jardine vs. Brandon Vera - Vera looks very good, he doesn't look drained, he doesn't look puffy...he looks like a light heavyweight.  Very interesting stat in that per fight Jardine throws more leg kicks than anyone in the history of the UFC.  Round 1 - Jardine with a nipple tweek for good luck and a quick takedown.  Elbow to the top of the head from the bottom cuts Jardine.  Vera is controlling Jardine's arm looking for a submission.  Nice GnP from Jardine once Vera let his arm go.  Every time Vera works his legs up high Jardine postures up and drops some punches.  They're stood up and Vera is looking to press Jardine on the feet.  Leg kick from Jardine.  Body kick from Vera.  Jardine gets caught and dropped but gets up and drops Vera with a punch of his own.  Vera is sitting on his knees and Jardine unloads with shots to his head as the round ends.  Very interesting round.  10-9 for Jardine on my card. Round 2 - Vera is looking to keep distance early and Jardine lands a leg kick from said distance.  Both guys are landing shots when they start throwing punches.  Jardine looks for the takedown, Vera defends so Jardine lands a hook/uppercut punch.  There was a push kick to the leg by Vera earlier and Rogan thinks that it hurt Keith's knee.  Not a whole ton to call here.  High kick by Vera misses.  Vera takes this rather uneventful round and I've got it 19-19.  Round 3 - Good left hand lands for Vera.  Vera is using leg kicks now to kee[ Jardine from getting comfortable...a bit of a switch for a Jardine fight.  Poke to the eye and the ref doesn't step in but Jardine looks to be okay now.  Left/right lands for Jardine.  Left lands for Vera.  They clinch against the cage and Jardine is starting to land shots.  The crowd is booing, I don't think it's been "booable" but that's just me.  The round comes to an end as Jardine lands a good 4 or 5 shots.  The crowd boos but it was a competitive fight.  Round 3 goes to Jardine on my card giving him the fight 29-28.  Official Scorecards: 29-28 Vera, 29-28 Jardine, 29-28 Jardine.  Keith Jardine wins by split decision.

Chris Leben vs. Michael Bisping - I'm actually VERY excited about this fight.  Should be a lot of fun.  Leben walks out to God Save the Queen.  The cornrows that Leben is rocking are...not so good.  Especially the weird receding hairline aspect.  Round 1 - Leben is pressing forward.  Leg kicks from Chris.  Leben with a left hand.  Bisping landing a few decent shots and then tries a takedown that gets stuffed. right, left lands for Bisping.  Bisping is settling in a little bit after an awkward first minute.  Right hand lands for Bisping.  Leben is still the one stalking.  Body kick by Bisping lands.  Leben's nose is bloody.  Bisping is working the counter punching and is bringing the round back to even. Jab, uppercut lands to Leben's face.  Now we're seeing the crisper striking take over.  As I type that Leben lands a few power shots of his own.  Left hand lands for Bisping. Right hand tags Leben.    The round ends and while I thought it was Leben's early, Bisping took over with crisp combos and controlled counters. 10-9 Bisping. Round 2 - Left hook lands early for Bisping.  Jabs are landing for Bisping now.  Leben is getting kind of careless charging in looking for knees...etc.  Low kick lands to the groin of Bisping and he takes a breather.  Leben's face is starting to look busted up.  Left hand lands for Leben.  Bisping's counter-punching is beautiful right now.  10-9 Bisping again.  Round 3 - More of the same for the first minute and a half.  And the next minute.  It's a lot of Bisping countering Leben's wide punches with his straight shots.  Takedown by Leben but Bisping bounces back to his feet without taking much damage.  Uppercut lands for Bisping...and a striaight right...and a hook.  The round ends with Leben sticking his chin out and Bisping with a high kick, punch combo.  10-9 Bisping and Leben is looking for some "i'm not hurt" cred I guess...which is a bit weak but whatever.  30-27 for Bisping on my card.  Official Scorecards: 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 all for Michael Bisping.  Michael Bisping wins by unanimous decision.

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