Josh Koscheck Wants Both Thiago Alves and Yoshiyuki Yoshida

Frontpaged by Kid Nate.

Five Ounces of Pain broke the insanely stupid idea:

During a conference call to promote UFC 90, Josh Koscheck confirmed that he plans to fight twice in the next sixty days. First, Koscheck takes on Thiago Alves in the co-main event on October 25th. Then, If Koscheck comes out unscathed, he will have a six week turn around to prepare for Yoshiyuki Yoshida on December 10.

So Alves punished both Hughes and Parisyan, and someone who's strategy consists of almost exclusively takedowns plans to remain unscathed enough for a bout against a tough judoka (a rarity, and therefore hard to train for)?  Koscheck has always overestimated his abilities (think "I'll win because GSP can't handle wrestlers", or "Nineteen and Onnnnnne!"), but this is a bit much.

Alves is massive, as noted by his difficulties in making weight.  I suspect he can muscle Kos around like he did Hughes.  He also brutally finished his last five opponents, while Koscheck couldn't stop an exsanguinated Chris Lytle.

Obviously I don't see Koscheck beating Alves, but if he does, I don't see him being in any condition to fight only 1-2 months later.  Alves roughed up Jon Fitch and pummeled Spencer Fisher before losing those two fights, and he should have beaten Fisher before he got careless.  Koscheck should only think about Alves right now; if he can fight both, good for him, but he could be planning too much.

Good luck, Josh - you might get what you're asking for...


        Will this be the fighter to stop the rise of "The Pitbull"?

EDIT:  After reading the comments then re-reading my post, I realized how inappropriate it was.  My initial point, which was quickly dropped, was that Alves was too tough for Koscheck to plan to fight again so soon against another tough opponent.  If he can pull it off, more power to him.  Mea culpa.

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