Ken Shamrock's Cut Sort of Stemmed From Not Getting...An Extra Cut


Fronted by Luke Thomas.

In case you are wondering why Jared Shaw questioned whether Shamrock’s wound above his eye was self inflicted, there was evidence prior to the injury  that had given him reason to believe the former.

In this week’s Wrestling Observer, Dave Meltzer reported that Shamrock was extremely pissed that Kimbo Slice was making a considerable amount of money for the fight, made an attempt before the show to get a large undisclosed amount.

While blowing off some steam after being denied the extra money, Shamrock started rolling around and end up getting cut, thus, forcing him to withdraw from the main event.

It's understandable why Shamrock wanted to be paid more, if not, as much as Slice because after all, he is a pioneer of the sport, and is a big name among casual fans from his UFC and WWE days. But, it would of been a better idea to make these demands before the fight was signed, considering he held more leverage when Elite XC was the one looking for a credible, but beatable opponent for Kimbo.

Although Shaw Jr. refused to throw Shamrock under the bus and previously denied claims when he was questioned whether Shamrock demanded more money in interviews with MMA Rated and ESPN 1100 , it was pretty clear there was something to his suspicions when he openly suggested whether Shamrock cut himself intentionally to possibly get out of the fight.

Despite the fact that the Pro Elite staff hinted that they will not be sending Shamrock any holiday greetings cards in the future because of  the disaster that was caused as a result of him getting cut, him and the promotion will cross paths next month in Elite XC’s: Night of Champions in Reno, NV, which is considered Shamrock’s back yard. The undercard will feature tons of local fighters from Shamrock’s “Lion’s Den” gym which also includes Shamrock son Ryan.

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