Jardine vs. Vera & UFC 89

The only fight that makes UFC 89 worth watching is Jardine vs. Vera. This fight could prove to be one of the most meaningful fights of the year. I hope, however, that it is not too exciting. I really don't want to see Vera stand and trade with Jardine, I want to see Vera win this fight -- I'm not sure it's gonna happen.  Few people realize how good a grappler Vera is, he is primarily known for his clinch game and Mui Thai. The problem is, Jardine probably has better striking, he certainly has more power.  Vera should use his striking to get inside and take this fight to the ground. Why is this fight so "meaningful"? Because depending on how Vera looks, and Jardine for that matter, we could be looking at a future 205 world champion. If Vera can get by Jardine then he could get by Griffin, Jackson, or Evans.


The rest of the card:  To quote my new favorite heavy weight, Brock Lesnar, "Who Cares!" He used this catchy phrase to describe everything from Mir's ability to snap limbs, to Fedor's ability to make it on many p4p lists.  In a recent interview Brock used his catch phrase when asked about Randy being in the UFC Hall of Fame. -- I love this guy!

But seriously, I ask you B.E. bloggers, why should I care about the other fights on this card? I'm not British!

Bisbing vs. Leban:  Leban can take a shot to the grill -- and he's gonna have to. Enough said.

Sokoudju vs. Cane: Alright, this might be the kind of slug festival that makes XC jealous -- but neither of these guys are gonna live long in the UFC.

Taylor vs. Lytle: Clearly this is to get Lytle back in the picture. He is an exciting fighter but he will never be in title contention. Taylor is meant to lose this fight.

Kelly vs. Davis: Why is this fight so far down the card? This has potential to be the fight of the night.


The British isles are well represented here and I'm sure the fans will be pumped. UFC 89 is a bone to the Isles. On the other hand, UFC 90 is a bone to the rest of the world. And we only have to wait another week. I can't wait!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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