Fun with Rankings: Light Heavyweight

Fight Matrix MMA Weekly 5 Oz. of Pain Irish Whip
Quinton Jackson Quinton Jackson Quinton Jackson Quinton Jackson
Chuck Liddell Mauricio Rua Lyoto Machida Dan Henderson
Ryoto Machida Dan Henderson Chuck Liddell Mauricio Rua
Keith Jardine Chuck Liddell Forrest Griffin Ryoto Machida
Dan Henderson Lyoto Machida Mauricio Rua Chuck Liddell
Forrest Griffin Keith Jardine Keith Jardine Forrest Griffin
Mauricio Rua Forrest Griffin Wanderlei Silva Wanderlei Silva
Sokoudjou Wanderlei Silva Sokoudjou Sokoudjou
Ricardo Arona Sokoudjou Vladimir Matyushenko Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
Wanderlei Silva Ricardo Arona
Thiago Silva Rashad Evans

Usually I include Sherdog in these little roundups but they haven't gotten their new rankings out and I just couldn't wait. Next time I think I'll drop MMA Weekly or Irish Whip and replace them with MMA HQ's fan selected picks.

That way I'll have one rankings system done by computer (FightMatrix), one by fan vote MMAHQ, and two by pundits (Sherdog and 5oz of Pain probably not Irish Whip or 411 Mania). I'm also toying with the idea of doing an aggregate of all the rankings but can't quite figure out how to do the points -- should I invert things and make a #1 ranking worth 10 points, #2 worth 9points and so on? Suggestions welcome. I may also include Luke's rankings that he gives to whatever web site that is (Luke help me out here), CBS Sports? Pro Elite?

Anyway it seems pretty clear that the once vaunted MMA Weekly rankings are pretty rank. Are they composed from deep within Takanori Gomi's jock or what? Inside the bowels of zombie PRIDE? What ever it is the fumes are distoring their thinking.

The big question here is who is #2, #3, #4 etc -- after the consensus #1 Rampage Jackson, there's a muddle. The Matrix, which is based on points awarded for past wins, think Liddell's win over Silva puts him right back near the top and everyone seems to agree that he's leapfrogged Keith Jardine.

Machida has definitely risen in the ranks after his impressive showing over Sokoudjou. Hard to argue with that. Also hard not to see Machida as the uncrowned #1 contender in the UFC right now. Of course poster-boy Forrest Griffin is the one getting the title shot -- sometime late this year. I predict Machida will have to work twice as hard as another English speaking fighter would have to to get a title shot.

Dan Henderson's on everyone's list except 5oz, but with his imminent move to claim the 185lb belt, I think he's a waste of space on these lists. Still a top light heavy but will be soon absent from these charts. 5oz is making the right call by dropping Dan.

As I wrote yesterday everyone ranks just one non-UFC fighter in their top 10, but there is no agreement on who that is. The Matrix and MMA Weekly go with Arona, Irish Whip goes with Little Nog and 5oz goes wild and drops Vladdy Matyushenko in the mix. An intriguing choice. Vladdy's been on a tear in the IFL and has always been a top fighter at 205.

5oz also ranks the fast rising Chute Boxe star Thiago Silva at #10 and the Whip has Rashad Evans.

Like I said yesterday this is just total domination of this division by the UFC.

Update [2008-1-4 11:23:49 by Kid Nate]: Dammit, MMA on Tap just posted their top 10s. Main notable news is they DROPPED Vladdy from their top 10. Are barely letting Machida squeak in at #7, and have Arona and Rashad Evans in the top 10. They still see Shogun at #2 and have Liddell and Wanderlei at #3 and #4.

I really need a way to aggregate the best 15 or so pundit rankings plus the computer rankings from Fight Matrix and the fan rankings from MMA HQ. What all blogs and sites should I include on my list?

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