MMA to be Banned in Victoria, Australia?

Interesting local report from a reader in Australia. Promoted from the diaries by Kid Nate

Earlier today the Sports and Recreation Minister James Merlino said he would NOT follow the lead of other states and allow cage fighting in Victoria, Australia:

I believe the spectacle of two competitors in cage combat-style competition does not meet the community's standards of what is acceptable for professional combat sports in Victoria."

Well that's a relief. And here I thought you could just randomly run down the street and kick people in the head as opposed to sucker punching them like Danny Williams did last year in a rugby league game. Yeah, yeah I know, we've been down this road before and you don't want to hear another fan explaining the reasons why it's safer then most other contact sports. Cool.

The article goes on to mention the death of Sam Vasquez and the circumstances involved. The penalties if someone promotes an event (fines of up to $12,000 or 12 months' imprisonment, or both), which is nothing to gloss over and then quotes the two major MMA promoters and their take on it.

The sport's promoters today dismissed the Victorian Government's ban as a stunt, predicting the sport - already allowed in Queensland and Western Australia - would soon come to Victoria. Now you got to understand something about Australia. It's a big place. X-Agon (which just got booted from their last venue) and CFC don't usually promote in Victoria. Both stay in Sydney (550 miles away) and Brisbane (1000 miles away) where the population is higher. So it begs the question: Why would someone ban something that never happens down here anyway?

Vote grab? Good answer, but maybe more?

Was someone trying to put on a MMA event in Melbourne and applied for a license to host such an event? Normally the Victorian Government throws money at international events (big shout-out to Ron Walker and the Australian Grand Prix that lost how much money in the last few years?). So if someone... like say... the UFC was going to drop anchor in Australia, which they've been threatening to do for the last year, it would have been a total waste of time for them to even check out the Rod Laver Arena and the Crown Casino complex in Victoria, both prime to hold such an event. All because MMA doesn't hold up to community standards. Nevemind the strip clubs, the drug problems... all a short car ride from the suburban home.

So smart move, Merlino. How much money did the UFC generate for Las Vegas? Now figure how much money you just threw at Sydney and Brisbane?

Nice, Merlino. Nice.

Check out the article and the language it was written in. Baying for blood? Yeah and afterwards, we all went out and howled at the moon. Turned into Werewolves and started feasting on virgins. This is what the average MMA fan is up against in Australia.

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