Excited For UFC 80?

I can't really say I am, other than hoping the Stout/Eklund fight makes the broadcast.

The $44.95 PPV price increase is going to be harder and harder to swallow.

Check out the full card for UFC 80: RAPID FIRE - 01/19/2008 and UFC Fight Night Swick vs Burkman - 01/23/2008 after the jump.

Other upcoming matches for 2008 are:

UFC 80: RAPID FIRE - 01/19/2008

Main Card
BJ Penn 12-4-1 Vs. Joe Stevenson 33-7-0
BJ PennJoe Stevenson

Gabriel Gonzaga 8-2-0 Vs. Fabricio Werdum 9-3-1
Gabriel GonzagaFabricio Werdum

Jess Liaudin 12-8-0 Vs. Marcus Davis18-4-0
Jess LiaudinMarcus Davis

Wilson Gouveia 9-4-0 Vs. Jason Lambert 23-6-0
Wilson GouveiaJason Lambert

Jorge Rivera 14-6-0 Vs. Kendall Grove 10-4-0
Jorge RiveraKendall Grove

Antoni Hardonk 5-4-0 Vs. Colin Robinson 9-3-0
Antoni HardonkColin Robinson

Paul Kelly 6-0-0 Vs. Paul Taylor 8-2-1
Paul KellyPaul Taylor

James Lee 13-2-0 Vs. Alessio Sakara 15-6-1
James LeeAlessio Sakara

Per Eklund 12-2-1 Vs. Sam Stout 13-3-1
Per EklundSam Stout

UFC Fight Night Swick vs Burkman - 01/23/2008
01/23/2008 9pm ET/PT

Main Card
Mike Swick 10-2-0 Vs. Josh Burkman 20-4-0
Mike SwickJosh Burkman

Patrick Cote 11-4-0 Vs. Drew McFedries 5-2-0
Patrick CoteDrew McFedries

Alvin Robinson 10-2-0 Vs. Nate Diaz 6-2-0
Alvin RobinsonNate Diaz

Michihiro Omigawa 4-5-0 Vs. Thiago Tavares 16-1-0
Michihiro OmigawaThiago Tavares

Alberto Crane 8-0-0 Vs. Kurt Pellegrino 16-2-0
Alberto CraneKurt Pellegrino

Dennis Siver 10-4-0 Vs. Gray Maynard 3-0-1
Dennis SiverGray Maynard

Jeremy Stephens 14-2-0 Vs. Cole Miller 12-2-0
Jeremy StephensCole Miller

Joe Veres 5-1-0 Vs. Cory Hill
Joe VeresCory Hill

Justin Buchholz Vs. Matt Wiman 8-3-0
Justin BuchholzMatt Wiman

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